Kimberley Walsh reveals secret Girls Aloud reunion amid Sarah Harding's cancer battle was ruined by Covid restrictions

PREGNANT Kimberley Walsh has told how a secret Girls Aloud reunion was ruined by coronavirus restrictions.

She revealed the former girl group were all hoping to get together before Christmas but it's been too "tricky" under the current Covid curbs.

The group, once Britain's biggest girlband, had been in talks earlier in the year to reunite for their 20th anniversary in 2022, before Sarah Harding revealed her heartbreaking breast cancer battle in August.

Kimberley, 39, who confirmed she was pregnant with her third child today, had told Cheryl and Nicola her good news, but had been hoping to tell Nadine and Sarah in person.

Kimberley is 15 weeks pregnant and admitted she couldn't hide her pregnancy for much longer, telling OK! magazine: "Because it’s my third it’s going to pop out a little bit quicker. And I do tend to have quite big bumps.”

She added: "I’ve told Cheryl and Nicola, because I’ve seen them, but I need to tell Nadine (Coyle) and Sarah (Harding). I didn’t really want to tell them over text.

"We were hoping we were all going to get together before Christmas with Sarah but with restrictions it’s been so tricky. If I don’t get to see them before then, I will call them."

The singer said Sarah is "doing well" and has been focusing on writing her autobiography.

She added: "She's doing well. It's such a tough time for her and I'm so proud of her."

Kimberley and husband Justin Scott are set to welcome a sibling for their sons, Bobby and Cole.

Kimberley told OK! Magazine her boys are "so excited" at the news and the couple "can't wait to complete our family".

She added: "They really are. Bobby has never really been that bothered and always been like, 'I love my family as it is and I don’t want anyone else.'

"But as soon as he found out he got so into it. He asks me 100 times a day, “Are you OK? And is the baby OK?” We’ve got a long way to go yet!

“For the family, it’s been a bit of light in the distance and something to look towards and get excited about, and plan for,” she added.

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