Kate Garraway reveals her children haven't seen ill dad Derek Draper in 6 months as he battles coronavirus complications

KATE Garraway has revealed her two children haven't seen dad Derek Draper for six months as he continues to battle coronavirus complications in hospital.

The seriously ill dad-of-two has spent most of his time in hospital in intensive care and was in a coma for months after the virus ravaged his organs.

But Kate believes it could help 53-year-old Derek's recovery if his children – Darcey, 14, and William, 11 – were allowed to see him in person.

Speaking on today's Good Morning Britain, she said: "Derek still hasn't been allowed, even though he's tested positive for the virus… his children can't visit, his mum and dad haven't seen him.

"I personally believe actually believe him having contact in that room could possibly be of great benefit to have a physical presence. There are children that have died with their mums and dads not allowed to see them."

Her words came as she was critical of Donald Trump's attitude towardscoronavirus after he took part in an impromptu 'drive-by' to surprise his supporters outside the Walter Reed hospital, despite being ill with the virus himself.

She said: "When you look at that footage of him doing that by the hospital, obviously his message is 'I'm doing, I'm fighting the virus great, I'm here to win the election', but that plays into the idea if you get the coronavirus and survive then you're a hero; you're not. You're very lucky.

"The heroes are the people treating you and helping you to survive and he;s not just putting the people in the car at risk he's putting the people treating him at risk."

Last night Kate shared an inspiring message from husband Derek’s hospital ward amid the “grim” time.

The TV presenter’s husband remains very ill in hospital after he contracted coronavirus in March.

Kate has been very open about her husband's life-threatening condition with her fans and shared the inspirational message.

Posting the photo of the white board urging everyone to “keep on”, Kate captioned the snap: “Written on a white board on Derek’s ward to spur on staff and patients – not sure if have walked passed it before or its new, but definitely spoke to me today.

“Wonderful words as we brace ourselves for another week in these grim times- see you from 6 a.m on @gmb with a smile 😃. 💕💕”

Kate’s followers rushed to show the telly favourite their support.

One wrote: “Sending load of love and hugs”

“Keep strong you are doing amazing 💪💕,” added another.

A third rallied: “Never have I ever seen such an amazing human as you are, you are going through so much yet you always see the positive (or you always voice the positive) I think you are remarkable you have handled yourself with such grace and your strength is astonishing. What an inspirational woman you are. Hoping and praying everyday Derek will make positive improvements xxxx”

On September 29 it was revealed how Derek is now the country’s longest-fighting Covid-19 patient after marking six months in hospital.

He was hospitalised on March 28 and has spent his 184th day in and out of intensive care.

In August, Fatima Bridle returned home following a then record-breaking 141 days in hospital, including 105 on a ventilator.

Kate recently revealed she's tempted to show coronavirus rule-breakers a picture of ill husband Derek as she warned "you don't want this in your life".

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