John Torode walks off after Celeb MasterChef’s Su Pollard makes error ‘What did you do!’

Celebrity MasterChef: John react to Su Pollard's chicken

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John Torode had to walk away from Celebrity MasterChef contestant Su Pollard during the first heat of the contest. It came as the Hi-de-Hi! actress was attempting the ‘Under the Cloche’ challenge and “hacked” at the baby chicken she was given to create a dish with, much to the dismay of the Australian judge. 

Having roasted the chicken, Sue was plating it up for judging: “This is not really very good, does it?” 

“What did you do to that chicken?” John asked as he walked past her bench. 

“Just went like that, sawed through it,” Su replied and the judge remarked: “You mean hacked it?” 

“Yes, I hacked it. Are you allowed to hack things?” She wondered and John had already walked off before she got an answer: “Oh probably not.” 

Before her dish was critiqued, Su said: “I’m just hoping that it’s tasty enough for people to enjoy. And if it’s not, I may have to take up flower arranging.” 

As for what she served up, Celebrity MasterChef viewers were told: “Garlic and lemon roasted puissant, served with roast tomatoes and plums and a chicken sauce.” 

“It’s a little hacked about, it looks like you’ve prepped it in a mixer,” Gregg Wallace joked when he took a look at the plate. 

John added: “Your star ingredient was a little chicken, Su you cooked it really nicely. 

“I love the sauce, because it’s the natural juices of the chicken with the lemon and the garlic – that is great!

“The tomatoes on the side are sharp and acidic because they’ve been roasted – too harsh for a little chicken. 

“And a plum? Might be okay with a duck in Chinese cuisine but not with a tomato and not with lovely lemon, garlic chicken,” the chef added. 

Gregg concluded: “That is not an easy thing to cook, that requires good timing and you’ve got good timing.” 

Despite a few mishaps in the kitchen, those watching at home loved to see Su. 

Taking to Twitter, one said: “As bad as it sounds I want @Su_Pollard into the next round of Celebrity @MasterChefUK for comedy value alone! She’s hilarious!” 

“Su Pollard is hilarious. #supollard #CelebrityMasterChef,” another wrote. 

A third added: “Su Pollard needs to be on TV more #CelebrityMasterChef.” 

“It’s been on 2 minutes and already will be fuming if Su Pollard doesn’t win #CelebrityMasterChef,” a fan commented. 

Celebrity MasterChef returns Tuesday night at 9pm on BBC One. 

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