Joe Garratt branded ‘psycho stalker’ as creeped out Love Island fans draw You comparisons

The 22-year-old catering company owner initially caught the eye of Love Island fans – as well as the girls in the villa – for all the right reasons. 

Joe Garratt, a cheeky chappy from south east London, charmed blonde bombshell Lucie Donlan with his looks and easy going personality.

However, his more recent behaviour towards the surfer-model has prompted viewers to compare him to Joe Goldberg, the creepy stalker played by Penn Badgely in Netflix show You. 

Within a couple of days, Joe and Lucie were sharing kisses and looking well and truly loved up. 

But when boxer Tommy Fury, brother of former heavyweight champ Tyson Fury, entered the villa, things started to go awry. 

Tommy chose to couple up with Lucie, sending poor old Joe into emotional turmoil. 

Visibly shaken, he sobbed his little heart out, opening up to his fellow Islanders about his deep feelings for Lucie, before pulling her aside for a chat – several times.

On one occasion, he told her he could no longer trust her, despite them having known each other all of two-and-a-bit days. 

He said: “I thought I could trust you, but now I don’t feel like I can.”

“It’s been two and a bit days… It’s going fast”, replied Lucie.

Flight attendant Amy Hart pulled no punches, telling Lucie his neediness was setting off “alarm bells” for her, while Tommy seemed equally irked. 

And it seems many Love Island fans agree that his affection is veering into obsession. 

During and after Wednesday night’s episode, lots of people were comparing Joe to his namesake from You. 

In the US Netflix show, bookstore manager Joe falls in love with then becomes infatuated with aspiring writer Beck, played by Elizabeth Lail. 

On Twitter, David Nesrellah wrote: “Joe reminds me of that obsessed stalker from ‘You’ ngl.”

“He looks like that stalker Joe, from Netflix series YOU,” added Joanna, another viewer.

Someone else said: “Wasn’t the stalker in You called Joe. Coincidence, I think not.”

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