Jimmy Kimmel on the Inevitability of Trump Getting Into a Twitter Feud With Twitter

Jimmy Kimmel joked about President Donald Trump’s Twitter feud with Twitter after the social media site flagged one of his missives about voter fraud with a fact-check disclaimer.

Trump sent out the tweet in question on Tuesday, claiming without any evidence that mail-in ballots — which are being touted as a reasonable alternative to in-person voting in light of ongoing COVID-19 concerns — would lead to massive voter fraud. Twitter, in turn, for the first time ever, dropped a note at the bottom of Trump’s tweet that read “Get the facts about mail-in ballots” and linked to articles disproving the president’s claims.

“I guess this is good,” Kimmel deadpanned, “but do we really need Twitter to tell us our fake president tweets fake things?”

In response to the disclaimer, Trump unleashed a tirade against Twitter, accusing the social media site of meddling in the 2020 election. “If Twitter had a sense of humor, they would’ve labeled that tweet as misleading, too,” Kimmel quipped, before adding, “I guess it was only a matter of time before Donald Trump would be in a Twitter feud with Twitter.”

Kimmel did, however, stress just how concerning Trump’s attacks on mail-in ballots are, suggesting he’s laying the groundwork to claim he was cheated if he loses in November. Top advisor Kellyanne Conway also picked up this thread, saying in an interview that people shouldn’t be concerned about waiting in crowded lines to vote in-person if they’re happy to wait in line for a cupcake.

“She won big points with President Sprinkles on that one,” Kimmel cracked. “Voting in-person and cupcakes — that’s as close as he gets to a threesome nowadays.”


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