Jessie dies after being shot in Emmerdale twist?

Jessie Dingle (Sandra Marvin) could be set to die after she was shot tonight during a terrifying siege in her own home which saw Max’s revenge against Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) go seriously wrong in Emmerdale. With Billy having worked with the police to foil Max’s armed robbery and try and get him incarcerated and out of his life for good, Max swore revenge and headed to Billy’s home, intent on killing him.

Billy wasn’t home but Jessie, Marlon (Mark Charnock) and young April (Amelia Flanagan) were caught in the crossfire and held at gunpoint. An unhinged Max insisted that Jessie got in touch with her son and got him home if they didn’t want more blood spilled and she had no choice but to contact him.

Billy arrived back and helped April escape the home. As armed police surrounded the property, Billy attempted to talk Max down. As they struggled, Billy managed to disarm him but he then continued to beat Max, with Jessie screaming at him to stop. Things got further out of hand and as the gun went off, Jessie fell into a distressed Marlon’s arms – while Billy was given the opportunity to finish Max off.

His temper and rage growing, he seriously considered it but the police soon burst in and ordered him to drop the gun. As Jessie passed out, Marlon feared that he had lost her for good – has his curse struck again?

As Jessie was loaded into an ambulance, fighting for her life, Marlon was beside himself and as Billy tried to get news on his mum, Marlon placed the full blame at his door and ordered him to stay away.

Has Billy’s involvement in the criminal world ended with the death of his own mother?

And can the family ever forgive him for his actions?

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