Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May evacuated after snorkelling where Brit tourist was killed by shark – The Sun

JEREMY Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were evacuated from a tropical beach after snorkelling just yards from where a Brit tourist was killed by a shark.

The trio had failed to spot red flags on the shoreline, warning swimmers to avoid the lagoon over concerns about the roaming killer beasts.

Their latest drama came after they were left stranded 500 miles away from their crew in the Indian ocean after their plane suffered an electrical fault.

The threesome, who were en route to Madagascar for filming of their smash Amazon series The Grand Tour, were booked into emergency accommodation at the Lux Hotel off Reunion island.

The gang’s latest escapade comes just six months after they had to be rescued whilst attempting a perilous sea crossing between Vietnam and Cambodia for their Amazon The Grand Tour series.

Last night a production source said: “Wherever Jeremy and co. go, danger seems to follow.

“For some unfathomable reason, the lads decided to fly in a small, rickety cargo plane designed only to carry kit and equipment, not passengers.

"The plane then suffered a fault, meaning they were stranded 500 miles away from the rest of the crew.

“They decided to make the most of their surroundings, and went snorkelling.

"Only to discover afterwards they had been casually inspecting coral just a few yards from where the poor Brit got attacked by a shark.

"They were ferreted away from the lagoon fairly sharpish. So far, the whole series has been one drama after another.”

Earlier this week Sun columnist Jeremy, 59, told his 7.2million followers he was “marooned”, adding: “We elected to fly on the cargo plane with the kit and it broke.

"Now we’re marooned on a tropical island with nothing but a car and wine.”

Two months ago the Sun on Sunday revealed that their last get-together resulted in May, 56, having to be rescued after his boat was flooded and he almost drowned during a monsoon sea crossing.

On Friday missing Richard Martyn Turner was named as the British tourist believed to have been killed by a tiger shark while snorkelling in a lagoon.

The 44-year-old civil servant is said to have been swimming alone while on holiday with his wife.

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