‘It’s HUGE departure’ Shepherd humiliates Rayner on Labour members ‘went up with Corbyn’

Angela Rayner grilled on ‘departure’ of Labour members

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Tens of thousands of people have left the Labour Party since Sir Keir Starmer took control last year. Angela Rayner was left squirming live on Good Morning Britain after she blamed the dramatic exodus on routine “fluctuations” in membership. Host Ben Shepherd hit back at this claim, saying it was “not just a fluctuation, it was a huge departure”.

Ms Rayner has long been considered as a potential challenger to Sir Keir’s leadership.

Kate Garraway pointed that membership had significantly “went up” under the previous leader Jeremy Corbyn.

This comes as Sir Keir continues to struggle to break through with the British public.

Despite this, Ms Rayner was insisted “there is every confidence in Keir as leader of the party”. 

There have been 120,000 paying members who have quit the party, significantly hitting the party’s finances.

Up to £500,000 in monthly income has been lost as a result of the drop in membership.

The updated figures were given to the party’s ruling national executive committee (NEC) when they met last week.


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