How many episodes are in Anne on ITV?

Anne: Cast discuss why they agreed to roles in new drama

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The Hillsborough disaster remains one of the worst sporting tragedies in British history. The fight for justice to overturn the initial verdict of accidental death at the inquest was a long one. ITV’s new drama Anne recounts how the victims’ families fought for a new inquiry into the disaster led by the late Anne Williams.

How many episodes are in Anne on ITV?

ITV is going to be airing its new series Anne on Sunday, January 2 at 9pm.

There are four episodes in Anne with ITV broadcasting the programme on successive nights with each instalment available to watch on catch up on the ITV Hub.

Anne focuses on the real-life Anne Williams (played by Maxine Peake), whose 15-year-old son Kevin was killed at the football match along with 96 other people on April 15, 1989.

Working with other families and a legal researcher, Williams obtained evidence and sought out witnesses as they pieced together what happened on the day of the disaster.

Over the course of three decades, the Merseyside mother took on the establishment with a second inquiry finally coming in 2016.

Williams’ daughter Sara was also involved in the series and said in a statement from ITV how she considered “very carefully” whether or not to lend her support.

She said: “Mum’s story was such a powerful and inspiring one, and we all remember how important she felt it was to get the message out there and bang the drum for justice.

“I am excited, as well as a little bit scared, for viewers to see my mum’s story, but I just felt it was the right thing to do.”

Appearing on ITV’s daytime programme This Morning, lead star Peake spoke about Williams’ resilience and determination to discover the truth.

She said: “She never gave up. There are times you see in the drama where she maybe felt like it, but she continued on.

“You felt she never got bitter. She was angry, but she channelled her anger and that’s what drove her forward.

“She was very dignified with it. She famously said, ‘They’re trying to grind me down, but I’ll grind them down first.’”

Anne also stars Stephen Walters as Williams’ husband and Kevin’s step-dad Steve Williams, Mathew McNulty as MP Andy Burnham, Clare Calbraith as Sheila Coleman, Raymond Waring as Steve Hart, and Ian Puleston-Davies as Professor Phil Scraton.

Walters, who appeared alongside Peake on This Morning, spoke about his own connection to the disaster.

He said: “I remember my dad trying to contact my uncle John because his son was at the game, he was a season ticket holder, there was a frantic panic with that.

“I remember my brother going to Anfield with his scarf. There was a memorial there, a sea of red and white, flowers, cards, photographs.

“Everybody had a story like that in the community, whether it was neighbours or school, the reverberations are still felt 30 years later and are still talked about now.”

Walters met with Steve Williams in preparation for the role and the pair formed a bond, saying he felt a “responsibility” when playing someone biographically.

Along with the drama, ITV will be airing a one-off documentary The Real Anne: Unfinished Business on Thursday, January 6 at 9pm – the day after Anne finishes.

Actress Peake will speak to family members and survivors, along with other people about the Hillsborough disaster.

Anne starts on ITV at 9pm on January 2, 2022

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