Homes Under The Hammer's Martin Roberts and crew break down in tears at woman's dying wish

HOMES Under the Hammer presenter Martin Roberts opened up about a time he was left “in tears” with a guest who's terminally ill mother who called him an "inspiration".

Martin, 57, has been a Home Under the Hammer host for eighteen years since it debuted in 2003.

He unveiled the best part of the job is meeting the people behind the homes and viewers calling him an “inspiration.”

The former I’m a Celebrity contestant said he liked learning about their landlords lives as he told the Express: “The nicest thing for me is when I get people telling me that I've helped them through difficult times. 

“The show is discovered by people who are in unusual circumstances in their own life. 

“Obviously there's lots of people who work from home, there's people who are self-employed or people who get sick or are retired.”

He added: “Before they come across it when they're ill or temporarily, or they are on maternity leave; it's really nice to hear from them that the show has helped them in some way, get through that period of difficulty, and I think that's definitely the case. 

 “There's times when it really hits home how much the show becomes a part of people's lives.” 

Martin recalled a poignant moment saying: “There was one time we were in a house in Stockport and I was talking to this lady as to why they bought this property and this lady said 'My mum was terminally ill, and we watched on Homes Under the Hammer in the hospice together.

“And our mum said to us, I'm going to die, we know that, that's just a fact of life and death.

"But when I do, obviously you know I'm going to be leaving you some money, and I want you to do what this man is telling you' – pointing at me on the television. 

“So, I was in this house in Stockport which they had bought with her then deceased mum’s money that she left them and the lady said 'mum was inspired by you and we've been inspired by you and we were just, we are here doing what mum told us to do and it feels very special for that.”

Talking about the emotional impact, Martin continued: “So I'm in tears, the cameraman is in tears, the director is crying her eyes out. 'Oh my god. Wow.’” 

Martin also talked about his YouTube channel, Martin Robert’s Property Titbits, all about getting into the world of property and DIY.

He said: “I’m old school because I'm old! I didn't grow up with YouTube, and I didn't grow up [with] social media so making that change to what works and what doesn't and what people watch and what people don't is quite hard and I still haven't got my head around it."

Homes Under the Hammer airs on weekdays at 10am on BBC One. 

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