Home and Away star hints challenge will have life changing consequence for Ryder

Ryder Jackson begins to suffer panic attacks after his near-death escape from the coffin challenge in Home And Away.

Viewers watched as Ryder was buried alive by Theo Poulos for the challenge – only for Theo to fall into a ravine and become trapped on barbed wire afterwards.

Home And Way spoilers have now revealed that fearing that he may die, Ryder begins to suffer a panic attack.

However, he and Theo are saved by Justin and Roo, after they watch the coffin challenge online and figure out where the duo are.

The damage has already been done however, and after confessing to leaving Ryder, Alf threatens to go to the police.

Meanwhile, the aftershock of the incident has begun to affect Ryder, with actor Lukas Radovich revealing exclusively to Daily Star the life changing consequences that the challenge will have.

Lukas explains that Ryder begins suffering from panic attacks and that the fall out of the challenge is going to stay with the character for a long time, saying: "Ryder has had a few ups and downs when it comes to his mental health, but nothing so strong as this story line.

"I think something like this will carry with the character for quite a long time.

"You don't just get over a situation like this, even though he had put himself into it. He didn't realise what was going to be the outcome.

"I definitely feel like he is going to hold onto that fear for a while to come."

Talking about preparing for the story line, Lukas added that he carried out a lot of research in order to make his performance as authentic as possible.

"It was really challenging. It was fantastic to explore that whole side of the panic attacks," said Lukas.

"I did quite a lot of research into it, because there's a difference between a panic attack and an anxiety attack.

"Just finding out those differences – I watched a lot of videos on it and tried to inhabit that world. That was really interesting."

With panic attacks affected millions of people around the world, Lukas also hopes that his performance will resonate with viewers through the storyline, saying: "I hope I've done it justice and done a good enough job in portraying it. That would be quite interesting to see what people say about it.

"Apart from that, it will be interesting too, as Ryder recovers from it and starts to deal with it in his day to day life, it will be interesting to see that reflecting on other people's experiences."

The actor also added that Home And Away's story lines have had a huge impact on viewers previously, saying: "That is one of the best things about Home and Away – with different storylines, people can relate to certain aspects of the show.

"We get messages from people all around the world talking about their own experiences in regards to different storylines."

However, with Theo and Ryder recovering from the trauma of the challenge, will this be the end of their daring escapades? And how will it affect them both in the future? Where will they go from here?

While viewers will have to wait and see what happens for the lovable duo, Lukas has hinted that big changes are in store for Ryder – and that viewers may see a whole new side to him.

"I definitely think that Ryder is going to a more mature space, especially after the challenges," said Lukas.

"I think he has realised what is most important in his life, he want to try and explore those sort of things.

"I think you'll find that Ryder has more of a focus on his job opportunities and wanting to make his mark on the world."

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