Hollyoaks spoilers: Juliet Quinn will be groomed by drug dealer Jordan Price in shocking new plot – The Sun

HOLLYOAKS drug dealer Jordan Price will set his sights on grooming Juliet Quinn in the coming episodes.

The character, played by Connor Calland, aims to turn the village and the high school in particular, into a hotbed for selling illegal pills and he wants his cousin Sid Summer's girlfriend to help him.

It became clear around a fortnight ago that Jordan and Juliet (Niamh Blackshaw) were starting to get closer to one another and Sid is trying to protect her from his corrupted cousin.

What Juliet doesn't know is that Sid is only looking out for himself and wants to use her for his business.

In the upcoming episodes viewers will see Jordan use his charm to flirt his way back into Leela's good books and move back into her house.

Fans will see Sid tell Juliet he wants more excitement from their relationship, which offends Juliet as she thinks he is calling her boring.

Whatever happens, Jordan's influence over the younger villagers is only just beginning.

Later on, viewers will see Jordan ask Sid to hide some drugs at the school, which he agrees to.

However, he is unaware that Nancy (Jessica Fox) has arranged for PC George Kiss (Callum Kerr) to check the locker of every student in the school.

That is perhaps the least of Sid's worries, as viewers will be shocked to see Juliet accept Jordan's offer to work with her, leaving her boyfriend fearing for her safety.

Next week Jordan will catch the eye of Leela's daughter Perri (Ruby O'Donnell).

The pair will arrange to go to a party the following evening but also pay a visit to The Loft that night as a warm-up.

The drug dealer plays nice with the Lomaxes but his true colours show when he interacts with younger cousin Sid.

How will Juliet deal with dangers that come with drugs and what will Sid do to try and protect his girlfriend?

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