Hollyoaks Nancy and Darren will get back together after Kyle’s tragic death, hints Jessica Fox – The Sun

HOLLYOAKS' Nancy and Darren will get back together after Kyle's tragic death, hints Jessica Fox.

The final scenes of E4's first look episode saw Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) discover Kyle (Adam Rickitt) had taken his own life.

In the episode, he planned the perfect day with his fiance Nancy (Fox) before returning home and drawing the curtains.

This came after Kyle was helping his best friend Darren with his own mental health problems.

But Nancy – who is Darren's ex-wife – will not let the same thing happen to Darren, says Fox.

And now Jessica has hinted something more could be on the cards for the old Hollyoaks couple, telling Digital Spy: "Romance is the furthest thing from Nancy's mind right now.

"Nancy and Darren will always have a connection and a short-hand, which is based on the years that they've been in each other's lives.

"That will always be there and maybe it will grow into something new."

Kyle's death will lead to Darren opening up to Nancy. Jessica continues: "When he's opening up to Nancy in particular, she's adamant that this will not happen again on her watch, as it were.

"She's not going to have it and if she has to, she's going to force his hand and make him get help."

Kyle – who had been struggling with depression – tragically took his own life in the days leading up to his wedding with Nancy Hayton and his best mate Darren tragically found his body.

He had been battling depression and drug addiction for years on the show and he recently turned back to drugs to self-medicate his depression after his relationship with Nancy began to go downhill.

Friends and family will be devastated by the news as the struggle with his death following a long-running struggle with depression.

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