Holly Willoughby distracts This Morning viewers as she wows in mum’s dress ‘Gorgeous!’

This Morning: Holly and Phil wear Cluedo-inspired costumes

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Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield dressed up in incredible Halloween outfits for a murder mystery special of This Morning. The ITV hosts were tasked with solving a ‘murder’, but Holly’s strapless red dress, tousled blonde waves and sultry makeup left viewers distracted from the plot. Many viewers took to social media to gush over how “absolutely gorgeous” the 40-year-old looked.

Holly opted to star as Miss Scarlett on Thursday’s instalment of This Morning, which was renamed ‘Miss Morning’ for the spooky special.

She donned a strapless red dress, diamond necklace and a faux fur scarf slung over one shoulder.

With her blonde hair cascading down her shoulders and her lips painted red, she looked every bit the serial gossip.

Viewers took to social media to compliment the host, with Corrie Dale tweeting: “Holly looks absolutely gorgeous.”

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A stunned John O’Brien commented: “Good god, Holly Willoughby is smoking this morning!”

Katherine Williams added: “Well, #HollyWilloughby looks absolutely brilliant as Miss Scarlett on @thismorning today!”

Owen said in amazement: “Holly Willoughby looks insane on This Morning.”

Chris B asked: “#ThisMorning Holly you look so beautiful in the red dress – how long did it take to get ready for the show today?”

During the eerie episode, the rest of the crew also took up roles from various Cluedo characters in a bid to catch the killer. 

Co-host Phillip took on a gruff voice as he dressed up as Colonel Mustard, “whose bark was as bad as bad as his bite”.

Phillip and Holly stayed in character for the duration of the show, with Holly putting on a seductive voice to portray Miss Scarlet. 

Other stars who took part in the special included chef Clodagh McKenna, who was playing Professor Plum, and Jodie Gibson who dressed up as the Lady of the Manor. 

While Holly and Phillip tried their best to remain in character, the duo kept bursting into giggles during different segments of the ITV show. 

This is not the first time This Morning has aired a Halloween special, however, last year viewers missed out on the spooky antics due to coronavirus restrictions. 

But back in 2019 the cast and crew took part in a Wizard of Oz Halloween special which saw Holly dressed as Dorothy and Phillip playing the Scarecrow. 

Rochelle Humes stepped in for Holly the previous year when the studio was transformed into a circus for a spooky special. 

Rochelle, Phil and Rylan Clark dressed up as characters from The Greatest Showman.

The 2017 special proved to be equally incredible with Phillip scaring the cast and crew dressed as The Night King from Game of Thrones. 

However, Holly opted for a less frightening character and transformed into a white and glittery unicorn, complete with a horn and colourful tail. 

At the time Holly told viewers: “This is the best day of my life.” 

This Morning continues weekdays on ITV. 

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