Holby City spoilers: Cameron's scheming leaves patient fighting for their life as Sacha and Jodie hit the rocks

CAMERON’s scheming leaves a patient fighting for their life and Sacha hits rock bottom next week in Holby City. 

Here’s the lowdown on what to expect from the BBC medical drama next week…

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1. Sacha spirals

Sacha continues to struggle with his grief in the wake of Essie's death, and viewers will see his erratic behaviour start to impact his work. 

Sacha horrifies his colleagues when he makes a shock decision while operating on a cancer patient, before using an aggressive tone with the patient’s husband.

Jodie tries to reach out and help Sacha, but he pushes her away.

2. Donna and Dom try to intervene

Growing deeply concerned about Sacha’s antics, his colleagues Donna and Dom make the difficult decision to report his behaviour to Max. 

Later, Max tells Sacha there’s been a complaint about his work ethic, and that he needs to consider if he’s in a fit state to work. 

Sacha is devastated by the conversation with Max and spirals out of control, later lashing out at Jodie during an explosive row. 

3. Jodie saves Sacha

Jodie steps in when Max demands that Sacha takes some time off work – and lies that she was the one who got aggressive and violent. 

Her plan works and Sacha is let off the hook. 

But could Jodie and Sacha’s romance be heading for trouble?

4. Jodie is hiding something

Jodie’s backstory will be delved into a bit more next week, as her mother Linda rocks up at the hospital. 

Jodie tries to tell Linda about her new boyfriend Sacha, but Linda savagely insists she doesn’t want her daughter back in her life and will never forgive her for what she’s done. 

What is Jodie hiding?

5. Chloe warns Nicky 

Viewers know that Nicky has fallen head over heels for Cameron and gone public with her new relationship. 

But Chloe, desperate to put a stop to Cameron’s romance before Nicky gets hurt, tries to warn NIcky that her boyfriend isn’t as nice as he seems. 

Nicky is far too smitten with Cameron to listen to Chloe and assumes she’s just being jealous.

6. Cameron schemes

Cameron notices that Chloe is trying to distance herself from him and decides to try and win her round again. 

Wanting to show off, Cameron resorts to interfering with a patient’s treatment. 

But when things don’t go as he expected, the patient rapidly declines and Cameron is left with blood on his hands. 

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