Here's How to Watch the New 'iCarly' Reboot When It Premieres This Week

Early 2000s kids, it’s almost time for the reboot of our lives! iCarly is coming back in an all-new form on Paramount+, and needless to say it’s exciting.

After all, who didn’t miss Carly, Freddie, and Spencer goofing off all the time while munching on hearty spaghetti tacos? I might’ve questionably made a few during an interesting night in college (and you need to take my word for it that they’re…actually good?) but regardless! It’s about time our favorite Seattle vlogging team returned since taking a break from the air in 2012.

In between all the hijinks, some questionable dates (and yes, Carly still has questionable taste in partners), and major life developments (Freddie is divorced?? Spencer ACTUALLY became wealthy??), we need to figure out how to watch this spectacle of good ol’ fashioned nostalgic fun. Grab a spaghetti taco, kick back, and get ready to be transported back to 2012 with details on how to watch iCarly, below.

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When is the iCarly reboot airing?

Everyone mark your calendars for June 17! You might want to set aside time that day to just binge the show to your heart’s content.

Cool! How can I stream iCarly?

In an era where you can never have too many streaming sites (lol), the “how” here should be no surprise. iCarly is expected to air on Paramount+, so please send them a good-hearted THANK YOU because without them, well, there would be no reboot at all.

What if I don’t have a Paramount+ account?

Good Q! Unfortunately for those looking for a smattering of options, Paramount+ is the way to go here. But signing up for Paramount+ is less pricey than most other streaming services at $4.99 a month. Also, if you’re a college student, you can get 25 percent off your monthly subscription.


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