Great British Bake Off episode Two: Five things we learned from Biscuit Week

BAKE Off returned for a second week of sensational baking tonight (September 3) and the contestants had skills put to the test with the biscuit challenges.

Here are all the big moments that went down as they flocked to the famous white tent in a bid to impress Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith.

Five things we learnt from Bake Off 2019 Week Two

WARNING: Contains spoilers from episode two of Bake Off 2019

1) Beware of the biscuits

Great British Bake Off contestants knew biscuit week was going to be a big challenge and they had a little trouble sleeping ahead of their visit to the white tent.

Michael admitted: "I’m scared about this week. Biscuit week is like the nightmare for everyone."

While Alice added: "I had some really strange dreams about this week. Biscuits that wouldn’t work, chocolates going everywhere… I was waking up in cold sweats."

For Biscuit Week, the gang had to make 12 decorated chocolate biscuit bars which had to have at least one biscuit bar element, was coated in chocolate and had been beautifully decorated.

While the Technical challenge was Paul's dad's favourite fig rolls, which put a lot of pressure on the contestants because the likes of Michelle had never even had a fig roll before. Alice managed to win the task with fig rolls that were "baked almost perfectly."

The Showstopper had to be a 3D biscuit sculpture that was both style and substance.

2) Organs can be naughty

It wouldn't be Bake Off if we didn't have an exchange which left someone red-faced.

While Henry was telling the judges and hosts about his 3d biscuit sculpture of a church organ, Paul asked a simple question which didn't sound quite right.

"How big is your organ going to be, Henry?" he asked before pausing and holding back a laugh.

Later in the episode, Sandi Toksvig got in on the joke as she told Henry: "I've never said this before but I love your organ."

3) What a bunch of animals

Animal sculptures were all the range this week and judging by the results, it definitely pays to take inspirations from pets and wildlife when you want to get creative with your baking.

Helena's incredible spider coming out of an egg left Paul and Prue speechless, while Priya and Michelle brought the fire with their dragons.

Alice had a not-so-little lamb, while Rosie paid homage to her favourite chicken and Phil paid tribute to his childhood pet tortoise.

Amelia's dolphin was a bit of a miss but Michael's Highland Cow and Steph's Biscat looked the part.

4) The second star baker

Before we said goodbye to another baker, Alice was crowned Star Baker after turning to her time in New Zealand for inspiration on the set tasks.

Her Honeycomb Peanut Mallow bars were deemed 'delicious' by Paul while Prue stated that her New Zealand lamb biscuit sculpture was not only "funny" but also tasted "lovely.

Plus, Alice also won the Technical challenge with her fig rolls because her pastry was nice and smooth, the filling was good and it was "baked almost perfectly", according to Paul.

5) The second elimination

After a shocking second week in the white tent, Jamie's Bake Off journey came to an end.

Noel had the tough job of revealing he'd been given the boot and the news didn't come as too much of a surprise to the 20-year-old waiter.

Jamie admitted: "I kind of knew I was going, and I had almost prepared for it before it was announced, but there were still so many emotions. I was so proud of what I had achieved but also gutted that I had to go.

"I got a feeling of FOMO because I knew I wouldn’t be there in the coming weeks. Overall it was a great experience and I didn’t regret a single moment."

When is Bake Off next on?

You can get your next fix of the show next Tuesday (September 10).

It will, of course, be on at 8pm until 9.30pm.

You can watch episode one and two NOW on 4 Catch Up.

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