Good Morning Britain viewers can’t believe Dr Hilary’s age as he celebrates his birthday on the show – The Sun

GOOD Morning Britain viewers – and Lorraine Kelly – couldn't believe Dr Hilary Jones' real age as he celebrated his birthday today.

The TV doctor turned 67 today, much to the amazement of viewers and GMB host Lorraine.

"I can't believe your age," Lorraine told him before asking how it was possible.

And Lorraine wasn't the only one with viewers at home stunned by his age – with them convinced he's much younger as he looks.

One wrote: "I fail to believe that Dr Hillary is 67 today. Man looks incredible!!"

A second said: "Dr Hillary Jones is 67!! Blimey!! #GMB".

A third added: "67 omg how can you still look so hot at that age I need to see your birth certificate happy birthday Dr Hillary".

A fourth commented: "@GMB just like to say Happy Birthday to Dr Hilary hope he has a great day day after the show and you don't look a day over 35."

Another added: "@GMB Happy Birthday to you Dr Hilary Jones.

"The voice of reason, giving us all clarity. Thank you for being there for us."

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