Girls Incarcerated season 3 Netflix release date: Will there be another series?

Girls Incarcerated season three may be back on our screens in the not too distant future after fans binge watched series two. The prison documentary series is all about young girls serving time and those who want to help them from re-offending when they leave. So will Girls Incarcerated be back for season three? Here’s what we know so far.

Will there be another series of Girls Incarcerated?

Netflix has not yet announced whether Girls Incarcerated will be returning for a third series.

However, Cinemablend has reported that the documentary series will be back for season three.

The website notes however that the show would then be cancelled after series three.

This news has not been confirmed by the streaming service yet so far or reported widely by other publications. will update this article when we have confirmation about series three.

The American documentary series follows the inmates of juvenile correctional facilities in Indiana.

The first series aired in March 2018 and the second in June 2019.

Therefore if we were to see a third season of the show it is not likely to be out until 2020.

If the series were to return, then it would likely feature another eight new episodes of the show as series one and two had eight episodes each.

Although the location of the first series, Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility closed down, the second focused on LaPorte Juvenile Correctional Facility.

This means that if the show returns for a third series, this could potentially be in a new facility all together.

What happened in Girls Incarcerated season 2 on Netflix?

Girls Incarcerated is a documentary series following the lives of young women in juvenile detention centres.

The show has been praised for its sensitive portrayal of their lives as well as the social issues they face.

Girls Incarcerated follows the ups and the downs of the challenges the young women face, as well as those working to help them start a new life when they leave.

Season two of Girls Incarcerated was released on Netflix on June 21, 2019.

The show picked up on the lives of the girls in the LaPorte facility, where they are referred to as students who are required to complete a program.

When they complete the program at the end of their time, they have a graduation ceremony with caps and gowns before they are released.

Girls Incarcerated shows the friendships that develop, as well as those working to make sure that the girls achieve highly after they leave.

Series two focused in particular on the story of Aberegg, who was released from the facility and struggles to stay clean on the outside.

Girls like Kristler and Reyes were also followed throughout the second series, as they dealt with personal issues.

Girls Incarcerated series two is available to watch now on Netflix

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