Giovanna Fletcher should replace Piers Morgan when she becomes a TV presenter after the show, says brother Mario Falcone

I'M A Celebrity's Giovanna Fletcher will likely have a lucrative career in TV presenting and could even replace Piers Morgan.

Giovanna's Towie brother, Mario Falcone, said the British public would prefer to wake up to his sister on their telly rather than Piers.

In an exclusive chat with The Sun, Mario, 32, revealed Giovanna will likely still host her successful podcast, Happy Mum, Happy Baby and continue her career as a best-selling author.

But he also believes people will be knocking down her door with offers to host TV shows.

"She has so many avenues that she's already created that she has smashed, but I think the next doors that are going to open, surely are presenting," Mario told The Sun.

Mario explained her relatability and popularity on I'm A Celeb are the exact reasons she would make a great TV presenter.

"She has that warmth and she's very engaging," Mario said.

"I think people will like that positivity. If she's the first face you see in the morning on your TV, you're gonna have a good day.

"So I'd be very surprised if someone doesn't snap her up for presenting."

When pressed on what kinds of shows Giovanna would like to present, Mario went straight to the top.

"Maybe she can replace Piers Morgan [on Good Morning Britain]," he suggested.

"He's a bit of d**k, let's end his reign of terror and replace him with someone who's really positive."

Mario thinks replacing Piers with Giovanna will not only do wonders for GMB's ratings but also lift the mood of the nation.

"Imagine how good people would feel, their figures would be amazing, they'd get the MPs on and they'll all feel good about life," he said laughing.

"There'd be no boycott."

Giovanna, 35, is going up against TV presenter Vernon Kay and BBC Radio 1 host Jordan North in tonight's final of I'm A Celeb.

She's currently neck and neck with Jordan at the bookies as to who they think will win.

But Giovanna's a big hit with The Sun readers who are predicting the popular author, blogger and podcast host will be crowned ‘Queen Gi’.

More than 26,000 of you have voted on the final day poll, with Giovanna leading on 42%, some way ahead of Jordan (31%) and Vernon (27%).

Whatever happens tonight, Mario is very proud of his sister and think she's "already won anyway".

"I think she'll be shocked how much people love her when she comes out," he explained.

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