Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry reveals she's quitting the show to protect her mental health

GEORDIE Shore star Chloe Ferry is quitting the hit show to protect her mental health.

The popular cast-member, 25, says she wants to walk away from fame and leave the UK to escape the relentless abuse from cruel trolls. 

Chloe said: "I think I will do one more series of Geordie Shore and then leave. 

"I want to start steering away from telly and concentrate more on my salon.

"I just feel like I’m a completely different person now to the person I was when I first started.

"You don’t realise how much abuse you get. People used to tell me I was too thick to do stuff and I believed it. I used to think I was a failure. 

“Then lockdown happened and I put my head down and focussed on what I wanted. 

"I now believe I can do whatever I want. The world is my oyster.

“Eventually I would love to live on an island and have a farm or something. 

"I'm just sick of everyone having an opinion on me.

"You have to have such thick skin that’s why I want to move to a desert island with chickens.

“I want to live there with my kids and husband and I might even throw my phone in the bin."

Chloe has struggled with her mental health ever since finding fame on the hit MTV reality show in 2015.

The Geordie lass has previously suffered from depression and body dysmorphia – undergoing £50,000 worth of plastic surgery due to cruel comments about her appearance. 

Earlier this month fellow Geordie Shore cast member Bethan Kershaw filmed herself "having a breakdown" as she quit Instagram.

The tearful 26-year-old admitted she was struggling to cope with the pressure of fame.

Chloe, who also recently had a break from social media, sympathised saying: "I know exactly how Bethan feels. 

"I've known she’s not been right for a long time.

“I actually went through a similar situation to Bethan about two and a half years ago when I had depression.

“I don’t think people realise how hard it is being in the public eye and constantly being judged.

“What baffles me is how it is still going on."

Chloe will celebrate 10-years of Geordie Shore longside Charlotte Crosby, Nathan Henry and James Tindale in a two-part special starting Tuesday.

She will also return for the hit show's 23rd series later this year.

But Chloe, who revealed it would be her last, added: “Geordie Shore has been so much fun. You have so much fun with your friends. 

"But you are not prepared for everyone staring at you and having an opinion of you. 

"I think my depression started because I got so much hate online. 

"I had so many comments about being fat or being a disgrace that sometimes I now just want to curl up in a ball."

Geordie Shore: Ten Years On The Toon premieres Tuesday at 10pm on MTV.

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