Gemma Collins shares disaster tanning story and explains why she’ll never get over it

She's the larger-than-life showbiz star with a vibrant personality that lights up the small screen – Gemma Collins is famous for holding nothing back.

Now you can get to know the real GC, thanks to her amazing new BBC Sounds podcast .

A sneak peek into this week’s episode reveals her go-to travel essentials, daily inspiration for those who feel ‘burnt out’ and some of her hilarious life moments – including one cringe-worthy tanning mishap.

“I’m just sitting in LA at the airport and I’d had the worst fake tan," the straight-talking reality star explains on the podcast .

"I don’t know what happened, my friend tanned me the night before and she used these new tanning drops.

“I had the worst orange hands. I came out the airport, waved to the paps, and I’ve got bright orange hands!

“I've come to America to up my game and my career and you see me TOWIE style, rocking out the airport with bright orange hands,” she cringes.

Along with candid chat, insider goss and loads of laughs, the brand new podcast on BBC sounds app offers agony aunt style advice – where listeners can ask life questions and hear Gemma’s straight-up advice, with the benefit of her hard earned experience.   

“You know yourself. You’re not happy every day, things don’t always go to plan. Instagram shows that you need to live this perfect life every day, but we’re not living in the Truman show. It’s not perfect every day.”

“I think a lot of people burn themselves out constantly, feeling like you need to achieve something every day,” she explains.

The uplifting podcast promises to be both massively entertaining and motivate listeners to get out there and live life to the full, just like Gemma.

Get to know the down-to-earth, refreshingly honest person behind the headlines as the Real Gemma Collins lets us in on exactly what goes on once the cameras stop rolling.

'The Gemma Collins Podcast’, brand new to BBC Sounds – available to listen now here.

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