GB News fans switch off after Guto Harri takes the knee ‘Not sure many would tune in’

Guto Harri takes the knee on GB News as he slams racism

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On Sunday, England lost against Italy in the Euro 2020 final following a tense penalty shoot-out. Ever since, England footballers Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka have been the target of online racist abuse. During Tuesday’s GB News, presenters Guto Harri and Mercy Muroki discussed why England players took the knee before each game. Harri admitted to his co-host that he understood the meaning behind it – and decided to do it himself live on air. However, the presenter’s actions sparked outrage from viewers online, with many deciding to “switch off” GB News and continuing to vent their fury well into Wednesday because of it.

Other viewers expressed their disappointment with the channel, while some went as far as to say they won’t watch GB News ever again.

One viewer raged: “I won’t be watching anything he is in from now on. Don’t believe in bending the knee for anyone….” (sic)

Another penned: “Shan’t be watching when Guto Harri is on. It’s his choice to take the knee and my choice not to watch him. That’s freedom of choice for both of us.” (sic)

A third wrote: “That a goodbye from me. #Unfollowed and app is deleted, won’t watch you anymore.”

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A fourth commented: “Look, you ain’t got many viewers now, this kneeling thing will lose you even more! Thought when you started out a few weeks ago you said impartiality.” (sic)

“I thought GB News was going to be woke free and impartial, very disappointed that you’ve deviated from that so quickly,” a fifth viewer expressed.

A sixth tweeted: “Bye BYE @GBNEWS your time on-air is now seriously shortened…”

However, other viewers disagreed and praised Harri for his bravery.

GB news is my favourite news channel. It was so emotional when it happened that I knelt in my flat too,” one viewer said.

Another wrote: “Wow what an incredibly brave human being kneeling like that taking the knee.”

A third questioned: “What are people moaning about? You wanted an impartial News Channel where presenters were allowed to express their views and not tow a line. Well, this is his.” (sic)

England’s players have been taking the knee before kick-off throughout Euro 2020 in a stand against racial inequality.

However, the gesture has divided many for its links with the Black Lives Matter movement.

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“I’ll tell you where I am,” Harri said to Muroki on Tuesday morning. “I’ve never understood why people would find it offensive.

 “I can see and I tended to be one of those people that thought do we really have to do this at every football match, can’t we just enjoy whatever sport we’re in too?

“But having seen over the past few days just how close to the surface, just how deep-rooted, just how hideously ugly racism among some England fans is, I totally get why this squad throughout thought we have to say, day in, day out, that racism is not on. 

“And I actually with the benefit of hindsight, I may have underestimated how close to the surface the racism still is, I actually get it.”



At this point, Harri got to his feet to carry out the gesture himself on air.

The GB News star added: “And so much so that I think we should all take the knee. 

“In fact, why not take the knee now and say it’s a gesture but it’s an important gesture.

“It’s not about me in the studio but for them to do that as footballers on the field makes sense. 

“They’re saying it’s just not right and racism has no place in football and no place in modern Britain.”

GB News is available to watch weekdays from 6am.

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