Game Of Thrones star doesn't think Jon Snow was punished enough over Daenerys

Game Of Thrones star Jacob Anderson would have gone ham on Jon Snow (Kit Harington) for murdering his queen Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke).

Game Of Thrones season eight saw Jon decide to kill Daenerys, his lover and aunt, out of fear that she would become a tyrant if she took the Iron Throne.

As a punishment, Jon was sent back to the Watch, where he would take no wife, hold no lands, etc etc – much to Grey Worm’s (Anderson) frustration.

While Grey Worm is a peaceful guy, the actor who plays him feels Jon literally got away with murder.

Speaking to, Jacob joked: ‘I’d take his head off!

‘I feel like from Grey Worm’s perspective, it’s just there had been enough violence by that point.

‘Grey Worm was all about peace at that point, he was like, “right I just wanna go and chill on an island and fulfill my promise to Missandei”. Personally I feel like he got off a bit lightly.

‘Can you imagine? People would be very upset if Jon Snow was beheaded. People love that guy.’

He also likes to think of his character going on to lead a pretty chilled out life from where the show ended, living in Naath with the Unsullied and away from the Westeros mess.

‘I think it’s probably a peaceful place, I imagine there’s not a lot of beef going on there at the moment,’ Jacob told us.

‘I think maybe he’s actually had a chance to relax for once in his life. That’s how I like to think of it anyway. That’s what I want for him. Just being able to have some sleep.’

The 29-year-old has teamed up with ellesse for an empowering new campaign called For The Win, which is all about having a winning mindset – something the actor can relate to.

Jacob explained: ‘ I think it’s important to be really motivated to win in a competitive way. But I think you can also lose like a winner.

‘Just by entering yourself into something with enough passion and just caring about being a part of something that encourages you.’

He laughed: ‘Me and my wife play a lot of Monopoly. She’ll hate me for saying this but I’m really good at Monopoly. Even though I’m winning, she wants to lose in the best way possible.’

Jacob Anderson currently features in the ellesse AW19 For The Win campaign. For The Win reinforces the brand’s winning mindset, defining winning as more than just an outcome but as a style, confidence and attitude. Further information on the collection can be found at

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