Furious Dan Osborne threatens to ‘punch trolls heads in’ as Jacqueline Jossa claims abuse of kids is making her 'unwell'

A FURIOUS Dan Osborne threatened to "punch trolls heads in" as Jacqueline Jossa claimed abuse of kids is making her "unwell".

The former Towie star, 29, was furious after his wife, 28, revealed the horrific abuse she suffered online.

Jac shared screenshots of people saying their kids – Ella, six, and Mia, two – look "ill".

Dan said on his Instagram: "Hello everyone, just watching Jac's story and she's saying about trolls. Obviously I don't see things like that, I don't look for things like that.

"I've grown thick skin to say the least over the years with having trolls and media stories. It does affect people, and it's not just us. Obviously there's loads of people that get trolled and it shouldn't be allowed.

"People should have an ID check before they make accounts. Because they're just fake accounts.

"You're just pathetic sad people. Beyond me. I don't let it get to me but it does get to some people. So just, p*** off.

"And talking about people's kids – my kids, obviously over a keyboard you feel tough. But if anyone said that to my face I would probably punch their head in. So you have to do it over a keyboard, don't you? But yeah, just get a life."

It comes after Jacqueline shared a series of messages about the trolling she's faced online.

Writing on her Story, the ex EastEnders actress said: "I'm so confused by trolls and people that write on mad depressing websites about people they class as z listers..

"Everyone is entitled to their opinions, I just find it mad they don't just write it in a WhatsApp group with friends, chat between friends and just get on with their day.

"Too troll and and write in forums is the sadest thing of all. [sic.] People must be so so lonely. poor guys. I don't understand why follow my page or m account, if you don't like me, believe in anything I do and don't like what I post.

"It's beyond me. It's so so sad. If you don't like me please please unfollow me and live your life without having to write about me on a forum or in my dms.

"Just unfollow. You don't have to like everybody. I don't. It's human nature and totally fine. I just unfollow people that annoy me or bring me nothing. If that's me… unfollow me.

"Something needs to be done about pages that are invented to slag people off. Something needs to be done about trolls hiding behind a keyboard."

The I'm A Celebrity winner then shared a series of screenshots, where trolls have called her "braindead" and "a silly cow".

She added: "They talk about the way my kids look and speak. They use bad words and vile language.

"Thy try and diagnose them with illnesses and say, the little one is clearly disabled and she's ignoring it. Such bad parent. Bla bla bla.

"Worst humans in the world. They need to be held accountable for words. The phrase sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me… is outdated. It does hurt.

"Unfollow me, and if you already are unfollowing me… don't check my page everyday to fill yourself with hate. Move on. You don't need to harm yourself daily watching me. Move on."

She also said reading the horrible comments is making her unwell, adding: "Also… I know I should look [sic.], but it's very hard when you get sent them or the link etc. I now find it a form of self harm reading how much people hate me.

"It isn't healthy. I see all your lovely dms and comments and it's lovely. Thank you. The trolls reading this… please move on."

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