Freddie Gibbs and Jim Jones beef explained

AMERICAN rapper Freddie Gibbs has been in a very public feud with fellow rapper Jim Jones over the years.

In December 2021, the two allegedly got into a Miami brawl and fans want to know what's going on between them.

Freddie Gibbs and Jim Jones beef explained

On December 14, Gibbs, 39, was reportedly dining with his crew at Prime 112 in Miami when they ran into Jones, 45, and his crew, which led to an altercation.

Gibbs and his crew allegedly attacked the rival rapper group, which is not the first time the two have had problems over the years.

DJ Akademiks shared a screengrab article from VladTV where reports of the alleged altercation first emerged.

He captioned the post: “Exclusive via VLADTV – According to sources, a fight between Jim Jones’s crew broke out with Freddie Gibbs’s crew at the swanky restaurant, Prime 112, in Miami.

“Apparently, the two sides bumped into one another while at the establishment and a fight ensued after words were exchanged.

“Sources also detailed that #FreddieGibbs and his side took the worst of the exchange.”

While this might be their most recent altercation, their beef actually extends back to 2014 when Gibbs allegedly branded Jones a "p***y" amid online speculation the rapper may have been involved in a shooting.

A gunman allegedly ran up to Gibbs' car and fired several shots inside, the rapper told the New York Post at the time.

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“They tried to kill 2Pac. They tried to kill me. I’m still alive," Gibbs said.

When asked if Jones was involved, he replied “Na I doubt it he too p***y.”

What have people said about the alleged altercation?

Amid the rumors, many have since taken to social media to talk about the beef.

Following the alleged altercation, an Instagram user shared footage of himself and his friends eating at the restaurant claiming:  “Just seen Freddie Gibbs get whopped at prime 112 but imma mind my business.”

Others then took to Twitter where they stated they weren't surprised by the news.

"That story about Freddie Gibbs x Jim Jones ain’t shocking at all if you know the history smh," one user said.

"Freddie Gibbs definitely tellin his police officer dad and District Attorney brother on Jim Jones," DJ Akademiks later added about the feud.

Despite the altercation, another user pointed out that they were happy it didn't end in a gunfight writing: "Salute to Freddie Gibbs and Jim Jones for handily their exchange with hands and not guns. That alone is a W for both parties."

At this time, neither Gibbs nor Jones have commented on the situation.

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