Flesh and Blood season 2 release date: Will there be another series?

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Flesh and Blood is now having a second lease of life on PBS Masterpiece after it was released on ITV back in February. The series finale revealed what happened to Mark (played by Stephen Rea) – but could the show be coming back for a second series? Here’s what the writer has revealed about the possibility.

Will there be another series of Flesh and Blood?

Over four episodes of Flesh and Blood on ITV, viewers have fallen in love with the twisty and exciting series.

Starring Francesca Annis as Vivien and Imelda Staunton as her nosy neighbour Mary, the show has aired over four consecutive nights.

The miniseries follows one family’s reaction when their 70-year-old mother Vivien (played by Francesca Annis) declares she has found love with a new man named Mark (Stephen Rea).

Her three grown-up children are immediately suspicious of the GP, who buys their mother expensive presents and takes her away on holiday.

This is only heightened when their mother begins to fall ill under his watch.

The series also focuses on their personal lives as they deal with failing marriages and problems at work.

All the while, Vivien’s neighbour Mary (Imelda Staunton) is lingering in the background and seems too invested in her life.

The final has now aired on ITV and thanks to a dramatic cliffhanger ending has left fans wondering whether it will come back again.

Viewers will remember how the show ended with Mark opening his eyes after being pushed off a balcony by Jake (Russell Tovey) and suffocated by Mary.

So far, ITV has not announced whether they will be recommissioning Flesh and Blood for a second outing.

However, there definitely seems to be some hope for the future of the show, according to its creators.

Speaking to media including at a recent screening of Flesh and Blood, writer Sarah Williams was asked whether she could see herself bringing the show back for another outing.

She replied: “Oh… I could. Yes, without explaining too much of what happens in the next few episodes, there is further meat on the bone.”


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She jokingly added: “I love these characters, apart from Jake.”

“I did really get very attached to all of them and I would love to follow their story.

“But I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves as we have see if anyone actually watches this.”

As soon as anything is revealed about the upcoming outing, will update this article.

However, if it were to return, fans will be eager to know when it will be back.

Given the first series was released in February 2020, it would be unlikely the show is released before 2021.

At the moment, none of the cast are signed up to return but viewers will be hopeful they will be back.

Alongside Staunton and Annis, the first series starred Russell Tovey as Jake, Claude Blakley as Helen, Stephen Rea as Mark and Lydia Leonard as Natalie.

Flesh and Blood is available on ITV Hub and is airing on PBS Masterpiece.

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