Fair City character dies on Halloween night as Robbie leaves Carol a gift from beyond the grave

Things will take a grisly turn on tonight’s special Halloween episode of Fair City as a major character loses their life in violent circumstances.

Viewers will see things come to a climax for Ciaran Holloway (Johnny Ward) as matters go horribly wrong for him after dramatically abducting Katy and his sister Tessa and tying them up in a squat.

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Serious choices have to be made if the two girls are to stay alive as Ciaran’s thinking becomes increasingly unhinged.

Katy comes up with a plan to escape, but Tessa (Mary Lou McCarthy) is unable to go through with it. Finally, Ciaran tells Katy (Amilia Stewart) she’s the one who’s going to die and, as she pleads for her life, Yates finds a clue to the location of the squat from Rose.

Katy tries to buy some more time by asking Ciaran if she can leave a voicemail for Eoghan.

Gardai then arrive on the scene, forcing Ciaran to change his plan.

However, a tussle ensues and Tessa winds up getting accidentally stabbed by her own brother and dies in dramatic scenes.

Ward told the Herald that things have run their course for his character in Carrigstown.

“He’s really messed up in the head and you have to feel a little sorry for him,” he said.

“He thought for ages that his sister had committed suicide because of this guy Emmet and he ends up kidnapping this poor innocent girl, Katy, just to get back at him.

“Then he finds out his sister has been alive all along, so he comes back to Carrigstown and he’s like, ‘I have to be reunited with my sister’.

“But he still has this love for Katy – he realises he loves her more than his own sister.

“He has to be around her but he just can’t take any more and he realises he’s done for now.”

Elsewhere in Fair City tonight, Robbie will prove he really was a diamond in the rough.

During the week, Carol learned of the disastrous financial situation he was in before his sudden death in South Africa while working as security on a diamond transport.

Left feeling completely devastated by the news, she takes delivery of the urn containing his ashes as she finally manages to get the courage together to carry out his final wishes.

This evening’s episode sees Nora, Jack and Carol travelling to Sandymount beach to scatter Robbie’s ashes.

When the job is done, something catches her eye and she realises there are glittering diamonds among the ashes.

“In Robbie’s final act before his sudden death, he must have swallowed the diamonds in an attempt to save Carol from the financial ruin he was going to be leaving behind him,” a show source said.

The actor who played Robbie, Karl Shiels, died suddenly last July at the age of 47.

Producers and writers had to figure out how they were going to work around his loss with regards to the plotlines, which are planned several weeks in advance.

In emotional scenes that aired at the start of this month, Carol met with Robbie’s pal Craig who told her that he left her a final message.

He then said: “He knew there was no hope. Last words. It wasn’t ‘Tell her I love her’.

“It was, and I’ll give it to you exactly, ‘Tell Carol I adore her, always have’. He said to tell you to give Jack a hug from him and then he cracked a joke.”

He also said Robbie had told him of his final wishes if things went badly.

Craig added: “When he was getting me out of the van, he said, ‘If this goes wrong for me, I want my ashes spread out on the beach in Sandymount, and you’ve to take a good look.”

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