‘Everyone’s a chef!’ James Martin teases guest as he pokes fun at Instagram chefs

Danny O'Donoghue says ‘everybody is an Insta chef’

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James Martin welcomed The Script singer Danny O’Donoghue onto his Saturday Morning show this weekend. The TV chef chatted to the pop star while cooking him up some tasty treats in the kitchen. However, ITV star James took a swipe at the musician, suggesting he’d attempted to be a chef himself during the coronavirus lockdowns.

James cooked the singer up a variety of dishes while interviewing him in his home kitchen.

The pair chatted about what Danny had been up to during the coronavirus pandemic and the pop star revealed he’d attempted to learn some new things.

The singer explained he never learnt how to drive when he was younger, so tried to learn over the past year.

He said: “During Covid I said, ‘Do you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna learn how to drive.’

“So, I passed my theory and then I went out on the road. So, I’ve been driving out on the road, booked my test in, and ten days later they close all the DMVs.

“I ended up being the very last one in a very long line. 250,000 people in front of me now trying to get their test done,” he explained.

However, James took the opportunity to poke fun at Danny about another new skill he’d attempted in lockdown.

James teased: “And everybody wants to be chefs now which you’ve been doing in lockdown as well.”

“Yeah, exactly everybody’s an Insta chef!” Danny laughed.

“Exactly, they’re all Insta chefs. The cook book is coming shortly, you wait and see,” James joked.

However, James made it clear he was only teasing the singer as he’s actually a big fan.

The chef later revealed Danny was one of his most memorable interviewees his entire career.

James explained: “Over a thousand people I’ve interviewed in my life, there’s two I remember, you and Jackie Collins.”

“I’ve interviewed you twice now and it was as good as the last one,” he added.

Praising The Script star, James said: “You’re a fascinating character and a great talker.”

Danny was highly complimentary in return, sharing how much he’d enjoyed James’ cooking throughout the programme.

“Is it rude of me to lick the plate on TV?” Danny asked, as he tucked into a sticky toffee pudding James had cooked.

“You’ve no idea how long it’s been since I’ve had one of these. That’s absolutely incredible,” he told the chef.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs Saturdays at 9:30am on ITV.

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