‘Enjoying the billion viewers!’ Hunniford in savage Meghan swipe upon Jubilee return

Gloria Hunniford takes a swipe at Meghan Markle

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During Thursday’s Loose Women, the panel dressed up as the Queen at different stages of her life to celebrate her 70 years as the reigning Monarch. During the ITV show, the hosts cut live to Buckingham Palace where thousands of people showed up to watch the Trooping of the Colour. The Queen waved to the crowds as she walked out onto the balcony with her family. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry didn’t step out onto the balcony for the celebration, however, the couple were spotted behind the Royal Family.

“I’ve got a bit of an update for you actually,” Kaye Adams began.

“Meghan and Harry have been spotted on the balcony.”

As they showed images of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the host continued: “Here we are.

“So that is obviously Harry speaking to the Duke of Kent, actually who Hugo Vickers was talking about earlier, he’s written a book with him.

“We’ve also got some really cute pictures, I think of Meghan. There she is with I think that is Savannah and Isla Phillips.

“So that’s Peter’s two girls and Mia Tindall and Lena who’s the little one that’s Zara’s children.”

“So she looks very happy and relaxed,” Kaye added as they looked at pictures of Meghan with the children. “Oh, look, that’s cute.”

“She looks great,” Jane Moore chipped in as Linda Robson added: “She looks lovely, doesn’t she? She always looks lovely.”

“Yes, she does and she looks comfortable,” Kaye replied. “She doesn’t look in any way awkward.

“She’s obviously very much kind of in the bosom of the family there.”

However, before they moved on, Gloria made a cheeky swipe at the royal, as she said: “She’ll be enjoying the billion viewers.”

Elsewhere in the show, the panel spoke with royal biographer Hugo Vickers.

And while both Jane and Linda tried to ask the expert his views on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, he wasn’t having any of it.

Linda asked: “Quickly, can I just ask you what Harry and Meghan will think about the celebrations?”

“I kind of made a resolution not to talk about them at all during the celebrations,” he hit back

“Simply because I’d really like it to be focused on the Queen. I think they’re there, aren’t they? We’ve been told that they’re there.”

Later on in the programme, when they cut to Buckingham Palace for the Trooping of the Colour, Kaye asked Hugo whether Meghan and Harry were there.

“It was probably Princess Alexandra because she was one of the working royals we were told was going to be there,” Hugo replied as he appeared to ignore her question.

Kaye asked again: “Harry and Meghan, Hugo are they going to be in the picture today?”

“I’ve been told not, I can’t see them there, can you?” the royal expert replied.

Pushing him to answer again, Kaye asked: “Are you happy not to see them there?”

“I’d like the focus to be very much on the Queen for this weekend,” Hugo hit back.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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