Emmerdale’s Sarah Sugden collapses and receives news about her donor

Things are definitely heating up in Emmerdale this week, as Emmerdale spoilers reveals that Sarah Sugden will go through quite an ordeal as health takes a turn for the worse.

Since Leanna Cavanagh's tragic passing, Sarah has been feeling increasingly stressed out and anxious.

Faith Dingle who is currently waiting for results from her recent medical examination notices Sarah's anxiousness and suggests that she should try living life on the edge. With this in mind Faith decided to book some activities at the HOP the following day.

Sarah also decides to invite her grandfather Cain Dingle to take part in the activities too.

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Later on, Sarah becomes increasingly panicked when she bumps into Leanna's father Liam at the graveyard. The pair reflect on Leanna’s death and Liam explains to Sarah that fate just decides when it’s your time to go.

Though Liam was trying to be comforting, Sarah's anxiety fluctuates and she decides to rush home.

Not long after, Sarah collapses on the floor.

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Sarah later recovers and finally opens up to Cain and Belle regarding her feelings over her donor.

Concerned about Sarah's health, Cain decides to hand Sarah her donor info hoping he’s done the right thing.

But what will Sarah do with this new information?

In 2011 Sarah's parents Debbie Dingle and Andy Sugden discovered that their daughter was suffering from a rare genetic disease called Fanconi anaemia and required a bone marrow transplant to save her life.

None of Sarah's family members were a match for the transplant and neither were any of the villagers.

In order to save their daughter's life Debbie and Andy eventually decided to have a saviour sibling which they named Jack.

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