Emmerdale Vinny’s ‘future’ – Sudden death, Mandy feud and heartbreaking twist

Vinny's gambling addiction worsens in Emmerdale this week, as he continues to struggle with the loss of wife Liv.

The character was brutally attacked following a poker game in recent episodes, and despite recieving support from family members including mum Mandy, Vinny is continuing to gamble.

What will this mean for the character? And will he receive help before it is too late?

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Fans have taken to social media to discuss Vinny's future in the dales, and what could lie in store for him as 2022 draws to a close.

Here, Daily Star takes a closer look at the theories surrounding Vinny Dingle's future – from sudden death to a feud with mum Mandy, and his potential exit from Emmerdale.

Gambling addiction

Emmerdale fans have watched on as Vinny began gambling to take his mind off the pain of losing wife Liv, following the horrifying events of the village storm.

However, viewers are now fearful for Vinny, as they have predicted that the character will become addicted to gambling – in a storyline that mirror's his dad's own addiction.

One fan said: "Why have they got Vinny into a gambling addiction when script writers know Liv was addicted to drinking and so was Vinny's dad as a gambler. Mandy is right about all this."

"Vinny is deffo becoming his dad," agreed a second, while a third added: "Poor Vinny, turning into his dad with his gambling."

While one viewer commented that "#Emmerdale Vinny is beyond help," others are hoping that Vinny will begin to listen to Mandy, and that he will overcome his addiction.

"I'm hoping that after Mandy gave Mack what for and Vinny has moved back in with her that the silly gambling plot is over, until that Darren no doubt shows up again?" they said.

Mandy feud and attacker returns

Vinny's mum Mandy has tried to support Vinny following Liv's death, but their conversations have left viewers in tears as Vinny pushed her away.

As Mandy tries her best to get through to him, viewers have become worried that their relationship may be beyond repair – and that this may lead to a feud between mother and son.

One fan begged: "Vinny, please open your eyes and listen to Mandy before it's too late."

"Vinny is being very harsh towards Mandy. He'll be very apologetic towards her when things go against him and it's too late to back out," agreed a second.

"I fear for Vinny, Mandy is doing her best," added a third, while a fourth commented: "Mandy's right. Vinny is turning into his dad. You'd think he know gambling isn't the answer."

However, other fans are hopeful that Mandy and Vinny will reconcile after she supported him following the horrific attack at the poker game.

"Vinny will realise Mandy is right after something bad happens," commented a fifth.

A sixth added: "Good to see Mandy looking out for Vinny and not giving up on him, despite the number of times Vinny pushes her away."

Meanwhile, one fan also predicted a heartbreaking twist for Vinny – that his attacker could return.

They said: "I think the guy who beat up Vinny will probably be back."

Vinny dies

Viewers will remember that Vinny was attacked by serial killer Meena early in 2022, but luckily escaped her murderous act.

However, fans have speculated that Vinny could suddenly die in Emmerdale from the injuries he sustained in the attack, with one saying: "He drops dead on the floor because of Meena he had a bleed on the brain."

A second agreed, adding: "He has a slow bleed on the brain from Meena hitting over the head and kicking him and it kills him. Hope it's not true would like to see a happy future for them."

Another viewer speculated: "Apparently a head injury from Meena. It flairs up."

Vinny leaves the village

If Vinny does not die, other fans have predicted that he may leave Emmerdale.

Viewers have already seen Vinny consider putting his house on the market – so could this be a sign that he is looking to leave the dales for good?

Fans seem to think so, with one predicting: "Vinny and Chas both leave the village."

"Paddy could rent the house from Vinny, move in there with Bear and Eve," suggested a second.

Meanwhile, a third fan begged: "Just give Vinny a happy ending, hasn't he been through enough?"

However, it certainly seems that fans do not want the character to leave, with more posting on social media: "I hope Vinny stays."

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7.30pm

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