Emmerdale star reveals if Manpreet reports killer Meena to the police

Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) could be about to meet a sticky end courtesy of Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker), who starts to grow suspicious of her sister in Emmerdale this festive season.

Manpreet has always called Meena out on her outrageous behaviour, but she’s got no idea what she’s really capable of. Upcoming scenes, however, will see her suspicions raised, and Meena’s lies soon start to unravel.

Meena, meanwhile, is consumed with rage when beau Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) dumps her so that he can reunite with Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley).

Refusing to let Billy walk away, the killer responds with a revelation of her own, as she claims that she’s pregnant with his baby.

Manpreet, however, doesn’t believe Meena’s claim, and thus questions her some more – and a series of interesting developments lead her to discovering that her sister may have had a role to play in friend Nadine’s death!

‘I think that she’s been given a bit of a ticking time bomb, and she needs to find out [more]!,’ actress Rebecca Sarker told ‘She’s got to play the game, as well. I think it’s quite nice because with Manpreet there’s a lot of looks, there’s a lot of looks that the viewer will see that Meena doesn’t see.

‘Manpreet will be saying one thing to Meena’s face, but then there’ll be a very different mask. Manpreet’s mask will drop for the viewer. And as Meena turns away, she’s very smug: “I’ve nailed that with my sister. Idiot.” The viewers will then see that Manpreet’s not quite buying it.’

Manpreet may be on to her sister, but the question is: will she discover the full truth about all the lives Meena has claimed? And if so, how would she react?

‘I mean, I think she’d be incredulous,’ said Rebecca. ‘I think she’d be absolutely devastated. I think she’d probably feel very guilty. She says at one point to Meena, “Yes, you’re selfish, but you’re not all bad.” 

‘She’s desperate to believe that her sister’s not all bad, so she would be in incredulous, but I think she feels a lot of responsibility.

‘As her older sister, I think she feels a lot of responsibility and maybe she’d look within herself. “Did I facilitate this in some way?” I think that would be an overriding feeling for Manpreet.’

But would Manpreet hand Meena in to the police?

‘That’s a tricky one,’ added Rebecca. ‘I think she probably would when push came to shove. Meena refers to Manpreet as, “Always playing by the book.” She plays by the rules, she does the right thing, she’s well intentioned, so I think on that basis, I think Manpreet probably would.’

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