Emmerdale star reveals explosive consequences for Chas from raging Moira

While Moira (Natalie J. Robb) has been keeping the huge secret in Emmerdale that it was Kyle (Huey Quinn), and not Cain (Jeff Hordley), who shot Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) in the barn on the fateful day of Faith (Sally Dexter)’s funeral, what has been kept from her is why Cain and Al were fighting in the barn in the first place.

Cain has led Moira to believe that the showdown was as a result of Al goading him about Faith. He claimed Al went too far, and he snapped. Of course what really happened was that Cain discovered that Al was having an affair with Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and it was this that enraged him so much he set up a meeting with Al to teach him a lesson.

He didn’t plan to kill Al, just to give him a thorough beating. But things went horribly wrong when Kyle arrived on the scene, thought Al was hurting his dad and picked up the gun Cain had taken to the barn and shot Al.

Following Chloe (Jessie Elland)’s discovery that Al had been having an affair before he died, she tried to work out who the mystery woman had been. Eventually she decided it had to have been Moira, as this was the only explanation for Cain’s extreme reaction.

And to save her own skin, Chas was happy to go along with Chloe’s theory.

With the secret now out and the whole village aware that Chas was Al’s other woman, Natalie J. Robb told us that Chas’s behaviour, and Cain’s complicity in keeping Chas’s secret, deeply upsets Moira.

‘I’m really annoyed by the whole thing about that and Cain’s obviously aware of that as well. It’s the fact that he throws me under the bus as well and lets everyone believe it, that’s what gets her.’

Chas’s lies are bound to have consequences as far as Moira is concerned. ‘It’s the fact that she just lied, and she does throw me under the bus, but we definitely have some repercussions,’ Natalie told us.

‘That was a big lie. But, I’m not a soft slate, I’m very upset about it because that affair has led us to this. So yes, I’m not a happy bunny.’

And she had a big warning for her sister-in-law – Moira is on the warpath!

‘Chas and Moira – that’s to come,’ she promised.

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