Emmerdale spoilers: Paedo Maya Stepney attacked AGAIN leaving Jacob Gallagher devastated

CHILD grooming teacher Maya Stepney is about to be attacked for a THIRD time in Emmerdale, leaving her schoolboy grooming victim Jacob Gallagher heartbroken.

The teen is already smarting after his granddad, Eric Pollard, blackmailed Maya into telling him that she no longer loves him on the hit ITV soap.

But Jacob didn’t buy it and when he sees a live stream of Maya being confronted by a group of vicious schoolgirls, he’s left broken. 

The troubled teen will then set off to find Maya to be her knight in shining armour – but will he get there in time?

He does, but Maya isn’t interested in seeing the schoolboy and tells him to leave her alone before driving off.

But it isn't long before the teacher's resolve breaks and she decides to stop the car, telling Jacob to get in.

And before long, the pair are kissing and cuddling once more, but what will this mean for Maya who is up in court tomorrow?

Maya’s fate will finally be revealed, but is the paedophile heading for prison?

Earlier this month Louisa Clein, who plays the twisted teacher, hinted that her character would be heading to prison.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online at the British Soap Awards the actress let slip she's already filmed the moment Maya finds out her fate after grooming teenager Jacob Gallagher.

Sources told The Sun in May 2019 that Louisa is leaving the Dales for good — and was given a proper send-off by the rest of the cast last week.

Now, the actress appears to have confirmed her character's fate after she was finally arrested for the abuse as a distraught Jacob watched on.

"She's been arrested and she's out, but there will be a court case. The court case might have already been filmed."

When quizzed on whether she's already said goodbye to her soap character, the actress added: "I can't possibly comment on anything such as that.

"I could come back…"

Is that a threat or a promise?

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