Emmerdale spoilers: Jimmy King ends his marriage to wife Nicola as she continues to lie to him

JIMMY King ends his marriage to his wife Nicola as she continues to lie to him.

Nicola made a business alliance with Mackenzie Boyd after she and Jimmy were left short of funds for their custody battle for Carl – but kept it a secret from her husband.

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Matters were made worse when Jimmy realised he could potentially be facing criminal proceedings after crashing his van into Paul and Mandy’s wedding barn – and killing Paul Ashdale.

Nicola decided to save the situation and told Mack she was willing to let him use their vans – but for a cut of whatever he makes. 

Next week, after discovering Nicola’s web of lies, Jimmy tells her he thinks their marriage might have run its course. 

How will Nicola react?

This week, Jimmy returns from the police station and breaks the awful news that he’s being charged with death by dangerous driving. 

Meanwhile, at the scrapyard, Charity makes it clear to Mack that she’s in charge from now on. 

When Jimmy finds out what’s been going on behind his back, he angrily confronts Charity and she tells him to ask Nicola. 

Back home, Jimmy is distraught when he discovers his wife came up with the idea to hand their business over to Charity. 

 Just as Jimmy and Nicola’s row reaches boiling point, Juliette Holliday pops up and gloats, leading an angry Jimmy to throw her out. 

The following day, Jimmy shocks Nicola with a revelation. 

What’s it going to be?

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