Emmerdale spoilers: Dingles turn on Belle as Andrea frames her for exposing her own affair with Jamie

EMMERDALE star Eden Taylor-Draper has revealed how her character Belle finds herself hit with the full disapproving force of the Dingles after he affair with Jamie is revealed.

Viewers of the popular ITV soap already know that Jamie and Belle have been seeing each other in secret over the last few months – and then Jamie fired her from the his work place to help stop the temptation but it didn't work.

However, scorn Andrea recently rumbled their affair and hatched a plan to publicly shame the secret lovers in The Woolpack during the pub quiz by leaking texts from Belle's phone revealing their fling.

While in shock, everyone including Jamie and her family, believe Belle has leaked them herself and she is left dealing with the fallout.

Eden told the Mirror: "The pub are just in shock. Obviously Ellis is there and feels so betrayed, [Belle] is trying to deal with him. Whilst Charity, Andrea, Jamie and everyone else are judging the situation.

"Everyone is giving them both grief – which I understand. Charity backs her corner but most of the family are at home at the Dingles, so she’s yet to deal with them.

"Lydia is disappointed which hurts Belle I think, whilst Sam is just saying the most unhelpful things and Zak is trying to help his daughter yet can’t understand why she is going for a married man – and a Tate."

The actress added that Belle wants to "curl up into a ball and disappear" and is left embarrassed knowing what she has done to her family.

The upcoming furore comes after fans called for Jamie to be axed as he decided to continue his steamy affair with Belle behind Andrea's back.

The pair made a risky move when they locked lips behind a tree during an Easter Egg hunt during a recent episode – and viewers are less than impressed with the vet's selfish actions.

Emmerdale viewers already know that Jamie and Belle have been seeing each other in secret over the last few months – and then Jamie fired her from the his work place to help stop the temptation.

Despite his attempts to keep away from her, Jamie just can't seem to resist himself and all their sneaking around came to a head last night when his wife caught them both smooching in the woods.

Fans took to Twitter to reveal how angry they were with Jamie for continuing to betray his wife and family for a younger woman.

One wrote: "Jamie is so creepy, during shutdown can the producers please kill him off."

"Awww… Jamie f**k off!" another penned.

A third added: "It’s about time Jamie got killed off in #Emmerdale he’s such a massive wet fart"

Earlier on in the episode the receptionist appeared adamant that things were over between her and Jamie, after Andrea praised her for getting on with their daughter.


Clearly feeling guilty about having an affair with a married man, Belle told Jamie she didn't want to come between his family and break it up – but the two soon kissed and made-up when the vet said he wanted to leave his wife for her.

Belle recently called things off with her ex Ellis Chapman because she started to feeling guilty sleeping with another man.

After Ellis' best pal Nate saw the secret love birds arguing in the village he put two and two together and Belle confessed everything to the farmer.

But now that Andrea knows about their affair, it's unsure whether she will confront them straight away or consider her options.

A few years ago, the businesswoman cheated on her husband with Graham Foster, so it could be likely that she will forgive him after he forgave her.

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