Emmerdale reveals double exit storyline for Robert and Victoria?

Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) is set to make the decision to leave Emmerdale in upcoming episodes as the pressure from rapist Lee and his mum Wendy over her unborn baby drives her out of the village she has called home all of her life. And, with it recently being announced that Ryan Hawley is leaving his role as Robert Sugden later this year, will the siblings depart the village together?

Robert has struggled to get his head around Victoria’s desire to keep the baby and this has led to much conflict between them but ultimately, Robert has been trying his best to look out for his sister’s welfare. And that’s where his hunger for revenge against Lee comes from, especially when he learns that Victoria is moving away.

After Wendy makes it clear to Victoria that she and Lee plan to fight for custody of the baby, she has had enough and decides that it’s time to move on – and Diane (Elizabeth Estensen) sets out to help her by considering selling her shares in the B&B to Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell).

Unable to stomach the thought that Lee would drive his sister away, Robert isn’t giving up on making him pay and he stalks Lee to his house, intent on revenge – but how far will he go?

Viewers seem certain that Robert’s anger towards Lee is building up to the character’s exit but with Victoria having already decided that her future lies away from the Dales, will the pair cut their losses and move away together?

And if so, will this be the last we see of Victoria too?

Emmerdale have not responded to reports of Ryan’s exit as Robert so far to preserve the outcome of the storyline but there are bound to be more twists to play out before he departs.

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