Emmerdale Meena ‘will face justice at 50th anniversary’ as fans tire of killer

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Emmerdale's resident serial killer Meena Jutla looks set to continue her reign over the village for a while longer, as fans reckon she won't face justice until the soap's 50th anniversary.

Emmerdale will turn 50 years old in autumn 2022, and producers have already been teasing huge things to come for the soap.

But with serial killer Meena on the verge of getting caught out by her fellow villagers, it's entirely possible she could escape justice until the explosive 50th celebrations kick off – and end up going on the run instead.

In the first instalment of Thursday's dramatic double bill, fans saw Meena knocked out with a wooden plank as GP Liam discovered the hostages she was keeping in the barn, with Meena kicking Vinny as she moaned: "Oh, for pity's sake! Why aren't you dead yet?"

She turned, and in a dramatic reversal, saw Liam standing in front of her, ready to knock her out.

Taking to Facebook to share their theories, one fan posted: "Oh my god I just had a thought. Emmerdale is 50 years old this year in October, and we know soaps do a bit thing on big birthdays, so I'm thinking what if Meena is part of that 50th birthday celebrations that means she's there till Oct? That's 10 whole months, oh dear god how will we cope lol!"

Someone else agreed: "I seem to remember telling my husband it would all come to a dramatic end at Christmas!"

As another fan added: "What if she goes, everyone thinks she's dead but she comes back in September/October to finish her revenge?"

Someone else had a similar theory, posting: "Or she may be discovered soon […] she will disappear and everyone will think she's dead but she will come back in September/October and will try to finish what she started and get her revenge!"

It comes as This Morning's soap expert Sharon Marshall admitted that major plans are afoot for the soap's 50th anniversary.

And soap bosses have already confirmed that the big 5-0 has been in the pipeline for a whole 10 years.

Speaking to various press, soap boss Jane Hudson said: "It was around the 40th. We’ve been thinking about the 50th all the time.

"I think we probably held back some of our big ideas while covid was so prominent in our lives because we didn’t know what we could achieve. But Super Soap Week has really shown us what we can do.

"And as brilliant as stunts are – we’ve got to have the stories to back up those stunts. We can blow up anything but if there’s no story behind it – what’s the point?"

And it has been confirmed that it will be at least "a few months" until Meena is forced to face up to what she's done, according to bosses.

Emmerdale airs weekdays from 7pm on ITV.

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