Emmerdale fans in hysterics over Vinny’s unfortunate baguette placement scene

Emmerdale fans were left in hysterics after Vinny Dingle held a large baguette in an unfortunate position.

The character, played by Bradley Johnson, surprised his girlfriend Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) with a romantic Valentine’s Day indoor picnic in their lounge in Tuesday night's episode.

But fans were left in stitches by Vinny’s unfortunate placement of the baguette by his waist as Liv walked in and he exclaimed: “Surprise!”

One fan tweeted: “Ooo Vinny! That’s a long one!! #emmerdale”

The “massive” baguette tickled fans as they tweeted lines of laughing faces on Twitter, with one adding: “That’s a big baguette Vinny #Emmerdale.”

And a third wrote: “Liv pleased to see Vinny’s baguette in #emmerdale ooh err missus!”

A fourth said: “Liv has a surprise when she walks in on Vinny holding his tiger bread baguette… #Emmerdale.”

The romantic gesture comes after the couples relationship has been through turmoil as Liv was sent to prison for Ben Tucker’s murder.

Vinny got Liv home early from work to surprise her with the romantic gesture, but it led to another misunderstanding as Liv thought Vinny was proposing.

He reached into his bag and held out a jewellery box to Liv and said: "You know I'm bad with words and that, but hopefully this proves for you how much you mean to me, because you mean everything to me."

Liv was taken back by his declaration and asked: “Are you serious?”

Vinny assured he was and said “this proves it” but before he could open the jewellery box, Liv replied: "I really didn't expect you to do this … Yes. I say, yes."

Yet, Vinny was extremely puzzled and opened the box to reveal a pair of earrings, as opposed to an engagement ring.

The awkward moment left fans cringing. One wrote: “Oh God, this is cringeworthy. Liv is gonna be so embarrassed #emmerdale."

Another added: "There is no end to the absolute ridiculousness of this programme. Utter cringe. #emmerdale."

However, the couple might have their big day after all as new spoiler pictures reveal the couple decide to elope.

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