Emmerdale fans gobsmacked as Kerry returns and confronts Charity and Mackenzie

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Emmerdale fans were left pleasantly surprised as Kerry Wyatt returned to the show on Monday night.

The outspoken comical resident was discovered by Charity Dingle and her boyfriend Mackenzie Boyd as they desperately tried to rob Chloe's house but were left shocked when Kerry caught them red-handed.

Playing the role of a cleaner, Kerry warned Charity and Mackenzie that they had to leave the opulent residence immediately, but she also covered up for the criminal duo when Chloe unexpectedly turned up at her home.

But Emmerdale fans were certainly happy to see Kerry back on the scene and took to Twitter to share their excitement and their surprise.

One fan penned: "Omg Kerry is back yaaaaay."

"Oh god Kerry is back!" Another surprised fan said.

A third commented: "So glad Kerry is back!"

"It feels like Kerry has been gone for years," a fourth added.

While others tried their best to work out Chloe and Kerry's relationship and who Chloe's mystery dad could be.

"How dangerous is Chloe's dad if Kerry is scared of what he would do even though he's in jail & also what is he in jail for?" One fan questioned.

Meanwhile another fan wrote: "I bloody well hope Kerry aint her adoptive mother."

Kerry has been hiding her whereabouts from the Emmerdale residents.

Kerry hasn't told Chloe and her family her true identity or anything about her loved ones too.

Actress Laura Norton who plays Kerry has confirmed that she is trying trying to protect her daughter Amy.

But by doing this, she has also lied to Amy and the others about where she really is, and what she has been doing over the past year.

Away from the Dales, soap star Laura took time off to go on maternity leave.

Speaking to OK! about her return and her fears of leaving her child, Laura opened up.

"My main fear was that I was going to find it really hard and miss Jesse too much. Because of Covid, we weren’t really able to see anybody for the first four months of his life, so we spent a lot of time together.

The first few weeks back at work were really difficult, but now I’m going, “Well, I’ve got to earn a living and he’s really happy seeing me when I come back.”

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