‘Embarrassing!’ BBC Breakfast interview with Jeremy Hunt slammed

BBC Breakfast: Jeremy Hunt grilled on his NHS legacy

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Dan Walker and Nina Warhurst hosted BBC Breakfast on Tuesday morning and welcomed former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt onto the programme to talk about the Conservative’s new Health and Care Bill. Upon viewing the politician’s appearance on the show, BBC viewers took to social media to complain about the interview.

Several viewers hit out at Hunt, with many aggravated by the fact he abstained from voting on the Health and Care Bill.

Many suggested the politician should have instead voted against the bill, blasting him on Twitter.

@ClareBFFerguson fumed: “BBC. Jeremy Hunt sitting on the fence, as wet as a dishcloth. Opposes the Care bill but did not vote against it. #NeverTrustATory.”

@AnnYNWA commented: “@BBCBreakfast What rubbish is Hunt talking? He helped to ruin the NHS. He has no credibility as far as I’m concerned.”

@redikki added: “@BBCBreakfast so Jeremy Hunt was so disgusted he abstained rather than vote against a bill he knows isn’t fit for purpose! Typical!”

“@Jeremy_Hunt utter coward – abstained @BBCBreakfast no moral compass,” @wildnoe said.

Meanwhile, other viewers criticised Warhurst for the line of questioning she used in the interview.

@PeckT1 said: “@BBCBreakfast please brief Nina to ask realistic questions. It’s embarrassing to listen to the line of questioning.”

“#BBCBreakfast can’t help themselves perusing the ‘peppa pig’ line. I vote neither Tory or Labour but I want MSM to ask questions about the things that actually matter and affect me and mine, not bloody Peppa pig!” @namaste66ahimsa wrote.

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