‘Elderly in care homes had to sell their home!’ Edwina Currie rages at pensioner tax hike

Good Morning Britain: Edwina Currie rages on pensioner tax

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Former Conservative MP Edwina Currie has raged against moves to hike taxes on pensioners to pay for social care. Discussing moves by the Government to reform the way in which social care is finance, Ms Currie clashed with fellow GMB guest Ash Sarkar over who should foot the bill to HMRC. Ms Currie argued that in many cases elderly people living in a care home have had to sell their home in order to afford the care.

Ms Currie told GMB: “People on incomes of over £50,000 are paying a much higher rate of income tax already.

“An of course an elderly wealthy person in a care home has probably had to sell their house in order to pay for it.

“The point is we do need to do something about the care sector.

“Raise salaries, increase recruitment, raise the training,” she added.

Ms Currie however later clarified she would support plans for working pensioners to contribute to social care, saying she would be “happy” to help out herself.


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