Ed Sheeran’s fears over neighbours plans to build caravan park next to his £3.7m Suffolk home

ED Sheeran is worried a giant holiday park could be built overlooking his rural country estate after planners granted a neighbour permission to site a caravan in his garden.

East Suffolk Council has approved the structure for a neighbour, which will be around 10ft high and 65ft long, adding it should only be "used by family members".

Documents outlined that the caravan should not be used as a "separate dwelling".

But Ed, 29, and fellow villagers are worried that more plans could now follow.

The neighbour previously lost a request to build houses on the land.

One local told us: "He’s just testing the water here. The plans for houses were kicked out and now he’s been allowed a caravan on the land.

"It could be the first of many. Once he’s got one then he could fill the land with them and his land is overlooked by the homes of several other people – including Ed Sheeran. I think that Ed is concerned about what is going to happen and will be watching things closely.

"There’s trouble brewing here and we could end up with a caravan park in the village and that won’t be good for our peace and quiet."

The Shape of You star has splashed out millions in recent years buying up properties surrounding his original home.

Earlier this year, residents including Ed complained when the neighbour asked to have fields at the bottom of his garden changed from agricultural to residential use.

Ed's representative said at the time: "The proposal should be considered on its own merits and it would extend the village into the countryside in an unplanned and artificial way, to the detriment of the distinct character of the immediate environs, without reasoned justification."

Another local told planners: "This paves the way to the development of houses as outlined in previously submitted application."

But planners rubberstamped the plans.

Ed shares his estate with wife Cherry Seaborn and their daughter Lyra Antarctica.

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