EastEnders viewers throw support behind Ash amid racism hell storyline

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EastEnders' Ash Panesar lashed out at cab driver Harvey, branding him a "racist pig" following a comment he made.

The doctor who had been sick in Harvey's cab was left completely shocked when he said: "It's always the same with you lot," leaving Ash furious.

As Friday's episode opened, viewers saw Ash and Harvey at loggerheads outside Beale's Plaice, with the doctor claiming she would report Harvey to the police for racist slurs.

Suki's daughter had already been furious after a patient refused to be treated by her as she wasn't "from here" and instead insisted on being treated by a British doctor.

Following Harvey's comment, Ash refused to pay her £20 cab fare from the hospital to her home and instead walked off in a rage.

"You've got me all wrong, I didn't mean what you thought, " exclaimed Harvey, leaving Ash even more enraged.

"Yeah, of course, I have, it's always me that overreacts, ain't it? I hear it every day, 'Oh, I'm no racist, I just like people from around here', 'Oh, no no, I ain't no racist, I love a good curry!"

After Harvey claimed Ash was "jumping down his throat over nothing", Ash fumed: "I'm sick of pretending this doesn't happen," while discussing racism.

Fans instantly took to social media, throwing their support behind Ash following her difficult few hours.

"Harvey is disgusting. Go on Ash, go for him!" said one.

While a second added: "Well said, Ash."

"Harvey the racist, poor Ash," tweeted a third.

While others claimed that Ash had jumped to the wrong conclusion following Harvey's comments.

"Interesting to see the other side of the coin, after Ash was obviously abused by that lady in the hospital, did Harvey ACTUALLY mean something racist, or was he genuine about the young. Good to see both sides, just hope it's handled appropriately by," tweeted one.

While a second went on to say: "Ash is wrong about Harvey she is reacting to what the old bird said in the hospital. It was her she should have given this speech to."

"Ash going mad at Harvey even though it was the old woman in the wheelchair who was actually racist to her," typed a third.

Ash was told to stick up for herself by Sonia, and it seems that's exactly what she's doing elsewhere after branding Harvey a "racist pig".

He had told her he doesn't expect anything else from "you lot" referring to when she threw up in his car – and while he stated he meant young people, Ash was adamant that's not what he meant.

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