EastEnders spoilers: Kat Slater fires Harvey over his racist abuse of Ash Panesar

KAT Slater fires cab driver Harvey Monroe over his racist abuse of Ash Panesar next week in EastEnders. 

Harvey made a racist comment towards Ash – who is played by Gurlaine Kaur Garcha – after she was sick in his taxi this week. 

After clashing with Peter over the incident next week, Kat confronts Ash who reveals what Harvey said.

It all kicks off as Kat tracks down Harvey in the Vic and promptly sacks him. 

Harvey tries to explain that what he said was taken the wrong way, but Kat refuses to listen.

Later, Harvey confides in Dana and she reminds him that he needs to think before he speaks. 

Harvey manages to clear the air with Ash but, when Peter arrives on the scene, he throws him out. 

Harvey later tells Kathy about his day from hell, but he loses his temper again when she accidentally lets slip that Dana has been over at Bobby’s.

EastEnders viewers were aghast as Ash experienced racist abuse from Harvey this week as he drove her home from work. 

Ash was irritated when Harvey made a comment about having to wash the covers twice to get the smell of her sick out.

“I’m sorry but do you have to keep going on about this. I didn’t do it on purpose,” she said as he dropped her off.

“I don’t know why I expect anything different. It’s always the same with you lot,” he mumbled.

“You lot?” Ash asked.

“Yeah you lot, you think you know it all. You’ve got no manners,” Harvey said.

“Who do you mean by you lot?”

Harvey suddenly looked started and mumbled: “Kids, youngsters, young people. You lot.”

But Ash was having none of it and said: “Say it to my face, call my that name. I know you want to.”

“What? No I’m not that kind of bloke,” he insisted.

“What? You’re too scared? Well us lot, we’re not,” she said.

“I’ll call you exactly what you are, a racist pig. And I’ll be sure to tell everyone around here what kind of man you really are,” she shouted as she walked off. 

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