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EASTENDERS is set to air a huge mother and daughter betrayal, as Scarlett contemplates exposing evil Janine Butcher's framing plots and lies.

Only 10-year-old Scarlett knows exactly what her mother has done to ruin love rival Linda Carter's life, by framing her for causing a horror car crash and having her child taken away in recent EastEnders scenes.

While left alone with Linda, guilt plagues the youngster, causing her to open up about her mothers potential involvement in the fateful car accident.

Linda realises Scarlett knows something and starts to push her into telling all, but Janine's daughter is too frightened to tell the truth and betray her mother, so suddenly leaves the room.

While Scarlett missed the opportunity to tell the truth, there might still be time for the truth to come to the surface, as Janine is keeping a pregnancy secret of her own…

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  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Coronation Street: Stephen to RUIN Jenny's relationship with Leo

    He dropped a huge bombshell that Jenny tried to kiss him behind Leo's back after the two broke up, and Leo is not happy.

    The kiss happened a few weeks back, but Jenny decided to keep it zipped about her big drunken mistake, which in itself, was a mistake.

    A row ensues after Stephen lets slip what happened, causing more friction between the two men.

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Emmerdale to be rocked by scary storm for anniversary episode

    It has been confirmed that villagers on the show will be a part of a huge storyline and no one is safe.

    Show boss Kate Brooks told the Metro: "Some of our best-loved villagers will be in peril and it’s safe to say that literally the village won’t be the same after this.

    "It’ll never be the same again because the impact the storm has on people’s lives is massive"

  • Lauren Cole-Lomas

    Former EastEnders star 'hates' the treatment of Prince Harry

    Danniella Westbrook has hit out against the Prince being treated as a "second class citizen" while being in the UK for his grandmother's funeral.

    The 48-year-old actress took to social media to share her thoughts of the Queen's mourning period.

    She wrote: "Poor prince harry my heart breaks for that kid, not allowed his uniform or to salute…

    "cant they just bloody let it go, his then king's son and it’s gran's funeral as well hate seeing him being treated like a second class citizen after all his been through with losing his mother.

    She then added: “I know it’s because his not a paid royal but as a mother makes me sad to see him be so outcast x.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Toyah refuses to celebrate after horror crash

    The car crash left Toyah’s husband, Imran, dead and Toyah left to face the consequences.

    Though it seemed Toyah was innocent, she was heard by her sister, Leanne, telling Spider that she and Imran argued in the car about Alfie and she’d tried to crash the car and kill Imran.

    This week, the jury came back and found Toyah not guilty, leaving Spider to celebrate without her while she toils with her emotions.

  • Louis Allwood

    Kelly murder plot scenes filming revealed

    While the scenes were quite dark and gloomy, it turns out they were shot during the UK heatwave in summer.

    Sharing some behind the scenes snaps on Coronation Street's official Twitter page, the caption read: "Corrie secret. We actually filmed tonight's woods scenes in the middle of the day on one of the hottest days of the year!"

    The pictures show Mikey North, who plays Gary, standing in the grave he had to dig for his character.

  • Louis Allwood

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    EastEnders fans have big problem

    The new teaching assistant, Frankie Lewis, is moving with a family to Scotland to help teach their deaf daughter Esme.

    Mick told his daughter to move if it will make her happy.

    She told him that she feels like she is making a difference which prompted Mick to tell her to go.

    However fans were not happy about Franke's rushed exit.

    Taking to Twitter, one said: "Frankie's exit is so rushed. She deserves better."

    Another wrote: "Wait what! Esme's dad had asked Frankie to relocate with them from London to Scotland because he's been so impressed with all her hard work & help.

    Corrie fans have the same complaint

    Fans seemed unhappy with the scenes that aired last night claiming that they were unable to see what was going on.

    Taking to Twitter, one said: "Christ alive can barely see what’s happening, it’s so dark."

    Another wrote: "Me trying to see what's going on because it's so dark in the woods."

    Coronation Street offer fan a glimpse behind the scenes

    Coronation Street fans were treated to a behind the scenes shot of last night's episode.

    Members of the cast can be seen relaxing on the set of the engagement party.

    • Louis Allwood

      Kelly Neelan scene was tribute

      Over on Twitter, presenter and TV critic Michael Adams revealed that this opening scene on Coronation Street was a tribute to Ena Sharples, portrayed by Manchester-born actress Violet Carson.

      Michael shared a black and white image of Ena stood on her own balcony overlooking the cobbles after Kelly's scene.

    • Louis Allwood

      Take a look at Emmerdale's new cast photo

      The cast of Emmerdale came together for a whole new cast photo to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

    • Louis Allwood

      Emmerdale fans will be delighted over anniversary plans

      Although episodes of the iconic soap are aired weeknights on ITV, Emmerdale will be celebrating its 50th birthday on Sunday, October 16, 2022.

      The episode will mark five decades exactly since its first instalment was broadcasted.

      Producers have decided to treat viewers to a full hour of drama for the program's anniversary and a new official cast photograph taken earlier in 2022 outside the Woolpack pub has been revealed.

    • Louis Allwood

      Nathan Graham leaves Corrie

      Nathan Graham plays footballer James Bailey in the ITV soap, after joining the cast in 2019 as the youngest son of the show’s first ever black family.

      However he has now decided to leave the soap and will be written out in the coming weeks.

    • Henry Moore

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      James Bye opens up on how he will manage two jobs

      A bigger consideration James had to make was whether it would put too much strain on his family to be juggling two major jobs.

      James has been married to wife Victoria since 2012 and the couple has three children, Edward, eight, Louis, six and Hugo, three.

      He said: “Because I’ve got a young family I had to talk all that through first, make sure we were in a position as a family for me to go through something as intense as Strictly is.

      “But we’re lucky in that sense that we’ve got the support network, so it was a strong ‘yes’ once the family was on board.”

      • Henry Moore

        Everything you need to know about EastEnders

        • New, leaving and returning EastEnders cast
        • Can you visit the EastEnders set?
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        EastEnders: Fans all agree they like this one controversial character

        Dotty Cotton has previously divided the nation after showing similar traits to that of her evil late father, Nick Cotton.

        It looks like the general consensus on Twitter, is that Dotty has redeemed herself!

        One fan Tweeted: “Unpopular opinion but I like Dotty.”

        Another replied: “She’s a good flawed character with some likability. She definitely has potential for longevity.”

        “Im a big fan of the Cotton family, I like Dotty too,” agreed one fan.

        Hollyoaks: The Undertaker’s evil plan to rid herself of James

        Looks like James Nightingale is right at the top of Norma’s hit list.

        James made a fatal mistake by reporting Norma Crow to the police for her dodgy dealings and murderous moves.

        Little does he know, she has friends in high places, who are watching him at all times, and know exactly that he plans on turning her in.

        What will Norma do to James now she knows he cannot be trusted?

        Coronation Street’s Millie Gibson will ‘never’ return to soaps

        The actress, who played Kelly Neelan since she was 14, has closed the door on returning to soaps for good.

        Millie told the Metro: “I’ve got so many roles in mind. I’m trying to keep myself grounded but at the same time, I need to bet on myself, if that makes sense.

        “I really like dramas, I’d love to do a drama again. A period drama would be incredible – I’d have to take my lashes off!”

        When asked if she would consider soaps in the future, she said: “No, never. No.”

        EastEnders: Maisie Smith speaks on plans to return to soap

        The actress starred as Tiffany Butcher but recently left the show to follow other avenues of acting.

        However, she has left the door open, and would welcome being invited back to the show.

        Maisie told Insider Soap: “The moment I left they said to me ‘we’re so excited to see what you’re going to do, but you’re always welcome to come back and reunite the family’ – and I said, ‘absolutely!’.”

        “I said if they ever need me, just call me. I have so much family there with cast and the crew, I don’t think anyone ever really leaves.

        “That’s what is nice about EastEnders. You always have a place there.”

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        • Henry Moore

          Emmerdale: Liam tries to kiss Bernice behind Leyla’s back

          A shocking moment occurred when Liam decided to try and rekindle his romance with Bernice, but things didn’t quite go to plan…

          While she buffs his nails in the salon, he starts reminiscing about their history together.

          As Bernice grabs something from the cupboard, he runs up behind her, and sprays his chest with water and tries to kiss a stunned Bernice!

          He claims: “My Elizabeth, I’ll always be your Mr Darcy!”

          “Liam Cavanagh!” she yells, “I will not be the other woman! And you’re not Mr Darcy, you’re a total George Wickham.”

        • Henry Moore

          Voting now open for NTA’s

          Voting has now opened for the NTA’s and soap fans can get voting for their favourites.

          As always the serial drama award will see Corrie, Emmerdale, EastEnders and Neighbours battle it out.

        • Henry Moore

          Liv Flaherty makes huge decision

          Vinny is stunned to see a “For Sale” sign outside Mill Cottage as Sandra and Liv return home from a holiday abroad, and he’s upset to see his other half sell the house without his input.

          The pair begin to bicker and Sandra smiles, happy to know her plan to drive a wedge between is going smoothly.

          In later scenes, Sandra meets up with Terry (Neil Bell) to fill him in on her scheme – unaware Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) is still on to her.

          The beauty salon owner insists that Sandra is responsible for her son’s fallout with Liv and she cooks up a plan for revenge.

          Vinny eventually apologises to Liv and she’s chuffed with his change of heart as they agree to all move to Spain together.

        • Lauren Cole-Lomas

          Emmerdale: Love triangle ties Will and Harriet in knots

          Will Taylor is about to marry Kim, but there may still be time for him to get back with his ex, Harriet, before the big wedding day.

          Harriet has tried to find love elsewhere in Dan, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

          Feeling underwhelmed by trying to distract from her true feelings, will Harriet try to win Will back?

          Producer Kate Brookes told the Metro: “Kim will overhear Harriet declare undying love for Will, so obviously that will inspire a lot of fireworks.”

          Credit: ITV

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