EastEnders fans praise Tiffany as she slaps Keegan after Dotty affair discovery

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EastEnders fans have praised Tiffany Butcher for the hearty slap she gave to her husband Keegan after she found out he had cheated on her with her close friend Dotty.

The fiery red-head was left heartbroken on Tuesday night when Vinny Panesar revealed his betrayal after hiding their unfaithful actions behind her back for the past few weeks.

Keegan cheated on Tiff with Dotty earlier this month while his wife was rushed into hospital after she suffered a serious infection from her dodgy plastic surgery.

But fans weren’t disappointed when the auburn beauty learnt of his cheating claims, as she stormed over to the house and slapped him with all the anger she could muster.

And viewers were thrilled to see her cheating husband get his just deserves as he begged his loving wife for forgiveness.

Unconvinced by his claims, fans took to Twitter to share their opinions of the legendary moment as they supported Tiffany’s explosive actions.

One user wrote: “Tiffany slapped Keegan yes. Never mess with a Butchers,” with a hands clapping emoji.

“Oh I felt that slat all the way here up north”

“WOW. Tiffany definitely got the slapping skills from her mother. That was such a Bianca whack.”

Whereas others feared for Tiffany’s mental health, as the Londoner left the house devastated by his betrayal.

One fan penned: “It happened on the night that Tiffany collapsed and that makes it so much worse. Poor, poor Tiffany,” with a heart broken and a crying emoji.

Another chimed in with: “Keegan if you really loved Tiffany then you wouldn’t have cheated on her with Dotty.”

“Dotty is such a b***h. She's not Tiffany’s friend at all. She really doesn’t care about her and only cares about herself,” a final supported expressed.

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