EastEnders fans giggle at Suki Panesar’s ‘terrible’ painting of Honey Mitchell

EastEnders fans were devastated for Suki Panesar on Tuesday, after she was left humiliated for a 'terrible' painting she proudly showed off.

Honey was chatting to Kim in the shop about Suki's painting, which she'd earlier discussed framing with the shopkeeper.

"What's that?" a confused Kim asked upon spotting the painting on the counter.

Honey explained: "Oh, a present from Suki. She painted it."

"Suki?" Kim exclaimed. "Oh, do me a favour – Pearl is six years old! I could blindfold her, strap a paintbrush to her foot, and she would paint a better picture than that! Who's it supposed to be?"

Honey held up the painting next to her head to show that it was meant to resemble her – but Kim was left in hysterics.

"I know, it's awful. Awful," Honey admitted. "But she tried so hard, and she's really proud of it."

But Honey hadn't spotted Suki entering the shop quietly – having heard her whole confession.

Fans took to Twitter to share their laughter at her artistic endeavour, with one penning: "The painting is hilarious!"

"Kim's right, that's a terrible painting!" someone else chirped.

A third wrote: "Surely Suki is not daft enough to want to hang that 'picture'!", as another added: "I just don't understand why she put sideburns on Honey in the painting!"

Other fans, however, were kinder about the painting, with one offering Suki some much-needed constructive criticism.

"Suki's painting wasn't totally hideous!" they tweeted. "It was the shaded bits that made it look like Honey had a hairy face!"

Another echoed: "I honestly don't think the painting is that bad!"

Someone else reckoned Suki could even be trolling Honey with her attempts at capturing her likeness, writing: "I honestly don't know if Suki is trolling Honey or not…"

"What's with the beard though? I thought Suki was very vulnerable showing Honey the painting but then I wondered if she was trolling her when I saw that beard!" another posted.

Later in the episode, it was clear Suki had gone off the rails, as she began to toss out her late son Jag's possessions as she ranted that she was "sick of living in a tomb".

And in a bombshell moment, son Kheerat was arrested for actual bodily harm by police, as Suki looked on in shock.

EastEnders airs weekdays on BBC One.

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