EastEnders fans convinced Suki Panesar is set for lesbian romance after spotting 'flirty vibes' with co-star

EASTENDERS viewers believe there's a spark between Suki Panesar and Honey Mitchell and have predicted a shock romance.

Suki has been leaning on Honey for support after the death of Suki's son Jags.

Honey told her: “Jags dying… I can’t even imagine. So it doesn’t matter if you snap at me, or push me aside.

"I’m not walking away because that’s what friends do. You’re kinda stuck with me.”

She recently opened up to Honey about how she is to blame for putting her son in jail and being the reason he died.

Suki confessed: “I’m not a good person. What happened to him, what I did.

“I killed Jags. I told them it was him – I tipped the police off but it was Vinny who did the robbery. It was Vinny who hit Martin.

“The police were nowhere near getting him – no-one needed to be punished, but he was defying me and I wanted to teach him a lesson.

“I put my own son in prison. Me – his mother. I might as well have killed him myself.”

Honey was horrified at Suki's confession as first, but then decided to help her as she struggled to cope.

Honey said: “I am your friend and you must stop punishing yourself now.

“Maybe if you tell me, it might help you cope – you might find a way of forgiving yourself? I can help you, as best as I can."

Fans are convinced a romance between the pair could be blossoming.

One said: "I’m getting gay vibes from Suki and Honey. Come on EastEnders don’t let me down."

A second wrote: "Exploring both Honey and Suki’s more fluid sexuality in their middle age could be an interesting move. And I think Suki is starting to develop feelings already.”

Another penned: "I don’t know why I’m excited over Suki and Honey knowing damn well this show ain’t gonna go there. #EastEnders."

The pair have recently attended art classes together, with Suki painting a portrait of her new pal.

Suki confesses she stayed up half the night working on the masterpiece.

A delighted Honey excitedly opened up the artwork but was left gobsmacked at what started back at her.

Spotting the painting on the counter, a baffled Kim asked: "What's that?"

Honey explained: "Oh, a present from Suki. She painted it."

Kim joked: "Suki? Oh, do me a favour – Pearl is six years old!

"I could blindfold her, strap a paintbrush to her foot, and she would paint a better picture than that! Who's it supposed to be?"

Honey held up the painting next to her head to show that the portrait resembled her.

"I know, it's awful. Awful. But she tried so hard, and she's really proud of it," Honey admitted.

However, Suki overheard the comments which hurt her feelings and lead to her angrily tearing up the painting.

Will Suki and Honey grow closer?

Honey is currently in a controversial relationship with Jay Mitchell.

And Honey's ex Billy treated Jay like his son.

Does Billy still have feelings for Honey?

Talking to Radio Times, Emma revealed: “I’m not going to lie, speaking as Emma I do think Honey and Billy belong together.

“They write so brilliantly and truthfully for them so it’s not like they will just simply pick up, there is always a journey with those characters and I love that.

"Let’s see where her and Billy’s relationship goes…”

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